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TELEGRAPH UK - 2089 BILLIONAIRES - LIVE WHERE?  by Andrew Marszal - see the map!

The world now has a record 2,089 billionaires – and for the first time, India has more of them than Britain or Russia... The US still holds the crown for most mega-wealthy residents, at 537... New York remains the favourite city of the uber-rich, with 91 billionaires, while London is still fifth with 49.

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This book can be purchased from Dover Publications.
 Many of the images I use here at Mistress Manifesto BlogSpot
come from Dover Publications.  
This is one of several steam ship - ocean liner themed
books they publish for sale.

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EXCERPTS:  "There will be capacity for 2,435 passengers and 900 crew. There will also be lifeboats that can carry 2,700 and a life rafts with an additional capacity of 800...."Just like in 1912 there will be three classes of passenger and those with different tickets will not be able to move between the classes, though there will be more toilets for the lower decks than the original. Everyone on board will however be provided with early-20th-century-style clothes and undergarments in their cabins to get them in the mood. Whilst there will be air conditioning there will be no TVs and no Internet in a bid to get back to the 'romance' of a bygone age."

Ship board affairs and romances can still be had today,  though the grounding and flipping of the Costa Concordia and other boat disasters like the Korean ferry, are cautionary tales.  It may be difficult to get the whole truth from booking agents, but if you are a woman and you are hoping to meet a man on a cruise, be aware that some cruise lines/ships/itineraries cater to families and children, others to senior citizens (where the women outnumber the men greatly), others to singles.  Some vacations are more exotic than others with visits to various ports.  WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IS TURN IT INTO OVEREATING THREE MEALS A DAY and disembark five to ten pounds heavier!   - Missy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


One of several videos on the same subject by a YouTube Contributor, the first one is called The Mosquito Parade.  I'm not sure  all the photos are of the actual Titanic interiors or not but certainly some are!  1912, pre World War I, is identified as the Edwardian era.

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Question For Missy!

Hi Missy,

I find myself thinking of my boyfriend, let's call him Pierre, all the time.  But what I'm pondering really is if I should just accept that he has an odd personality trait and love him without reservation or run fleeing from him while I'm still not that involved with him.  I mean, am I being petty?

We met about seven years ago. I dated him knowing he was in the process of relocating for his work.  It was hard saying goodbye. Then we tried a mostly phone relationship for about a year, but broke up after a fight on the phone.  Neither of us called each other back after that.  In my opinion he was making light of a situation I was in at the time that felt very threatening to me and was sort of bragging to me about how he, in the same situation, would handle it so much better. 

He returned to this city a year and a half ago and went looking for me.  I resisted getting involved again but then he found me.  A couple months ago we had a long conversation and he made it clear he was still interested in me and wanted another go of it. 

See it seems that every time and I mean EVERY TIME I get together with him he manages to say something that is a bit provocative or that upsets me enough to keep thinking about it later, things which he thinks are funny or teasing sometimes, but I'm not laughing.  On a cab ride home recently, for which I was paying, I was talking to the driver, and he began to correct me.  I told him not to tell me who to talk to or what to say. 

I don't want to go into personal details about my finances so he says things to get me to tell him more.  At first when he quietly asked me if I was "living alone" I thought he wanted to find out if I was living with someone, if I was available.  But lately the question of how it is that I can afford what I have has come with his insinuation that I have a sugar daddy or am a mistress.  The other day he came up to me where I was sitting waiting for him at the park where we agreed to meet to jog, bent to my ear, but loud enough for others to hear he said "I finally got it.  You have a Sugar Daddy!"  I shook my head vigorously, more because I thought "When will he stop?" more than that I'd never.  

I felt embarrassed. 

He also, at a lunch, tried to calmly lay my finances out on the table by first talking about his tax refund and then saying "How do you make it, since you don't work!"  It's true I don't have a regular job working for one company or employer, but for years now I've been one of those small business people who has more than one stream of income including an Etsy Shop!  I explained to him part of what I do weeks ago and showed him some of my crafts I sell. I've never made a lot of money and am rent poor, but I've also been proud of my independence.

Thinking maybe he was hinting around for me to be generous to him, I told him a few things that might make the point that I have to be careful with my money.  I told him I had been shoe shopping a lot lately and hadn't found anything that I liked, that fit well, and that I could afford.  The next time I saw him I was wearing the new boots I finally selected and he noticed them and said "Are those throw aways?" 

Every single time we have a date, be it that we go out somewhere or we have dinner at my place he manages to say or do something that is odd, provocative, or inappropriate.

Your opinion Please!


Answer From Missy!

OK Paula, we can cut right through his nonsense with this.  This man is a VEXATION TO YOUR SPIRIT.  He has to go.  He is TBA  (TO BE AVOIDED!)  He certainly is testing you with his barbs, jests, teases, whether it's with comments others can hear or things he says to you when alone.  Maybe he is insensitive or ignorant to how he's coming off or making you feel, BUT YOU DO FEEL IT!

Maybe he is trying to determine how much money you have to bring into a relationship with him, whether or not he would have to support you or if you can support him.

He may be manipulating your emotions and if you're confused about your values, that makes it worse for you.  Some people just like to suck information out of others for the game of it.  They are even willing to pretend you've just made a Close Personal Friend whose Secrets are Safe With Them... 

You CAN have secrets from others, just not from yourself, Paula!

I admire that you have Independence and work you enjoy.  A lot of people would envy you for that.  So use your independence to get out there and meet someone else. A man doesn't have to be a Sugar Daddy or Keep you to have a generous spirit, to be nice to you,  to be sensitive to your feelings, and you don't even get this guys jokes, so tell Pierre you want to be free.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


"I bring a sense of adventure into any relationship, be it in exotic travels or staying in."

Having a sense of adventure means appreciating the here and now, looking for what is different or new to discover when out and about - or stuck inside.

It's easy to have a sense of adventure when you're climbing a mountain or off to an exotic location, but the challenge is to not get too set in your ways in the mundane.  A sense of adventure is what lets you try on impractical shoes or wear a dress that isn't stereotypical of your style to a party.  You try a new spice when you cook chicken, or change the paint color of your walls to a less conventional color and transform your environment.  Let's see how it looks, feels, what happens next...

In a relationship we can notice and respond to and plan for the new and different as well.  It's as good as time as any to wear a new nightgown, try a new restaurant, attend an cultural event in a part of town you've never been to, go to couple massage classes, or give acupuncture a chance to heal you.

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I'll Never Forget The Day I Realized She Was "Boy Crazy!" 
We were fourteen, maybe fifteen years old, too young to drive, so Penelope and me were depending on a ride from her parents.  We sat in the back seat, her parents in the front, her dad driving as all dad's did even when their wives also knew how to, and when we passed some boys walking on the city sidewalk, Penelope went nuts.  Her mom went nuts too, trying to shut her up and shut her down as she went on and on. "Look at that one!  Isn't he cute!" she shouted loud enough for that boy to hear.  She let her tongue hang out of her mouth and mock panted.  "Stop it, Penelope!"  her mom yelled, embarrassed by her.  Her dad looked into the rear view mirror and shook his head.
Penelope was openly "boy crazy" and her parents, especially her mom, were totally uncomfortable with her display of lusty admiration for young men.  She was laughing and enjoying herself.  Probably enjoying getting her parents a little upset with her too.
Little did they know.  Penelope was testing her tantalizing power with boys as she eased into womanhood at a time and place when few parents would have advised their daughters to have sex before marriage.  Sex before marriage was called "pre-marital" as if there were an expectation of marriage.  When a girl was simply too young to be married or even engaged, but dating one boy steadily, who had asked her to be his alone, she would wear a "pre-engagement" ring. 
The local jewelry stores were buzzing.  Only girls who went with football players actually wore their big rings.
Penelope was told she should wait until she was married to have sex like everyone.  So when a boy wanted to have sex with her, she would say that she had to be at least engaged.  So Penelope got asked to be married a dozen times before she was 18.  It was, perhaps, an easy game.  She said what she expected, they said what she wanted to hear.  Maybe some of these boys even had some romantic hope or dream themselves but mostly they wanted to have sex with an easy, and increasingly experienced girl.  Because each one of her boys found the money - allowance - working for minimum wage somewhere -  maybe even borrowing money from their parents - to buy her a ring. 
Penelope's rings were not  glittering diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, but small, semiprecious gems, the birthstone kind, the kind that had been polished in a tumbler, in silver, sometimes gold plate.  I'm sure she never gave any of these rings back when the pre-engagement or engagement turned out to be brief.  I wondered what she might think as she looked into her jewelry box and saw them there.  She couldn't wear them once the fling was over.  That would have given the wrong signal to other boys. 
Did she break with them or they with her?  It hardly seemed to matter.
My friend Penelope was always congenial, light-hearted, even happy, surely never too upset or depressed over what was not meant to be.  Romance and sex was an adventure to her.
She was one of the first women, for though we were girls we were also that, I ever met who was open and comfortable about negotiating a bit for what she wanted and expected, even if it was a game.  Most girls were too innocent, inexperienced, shy, or overwhelmed to know who they were, what they wanted, what they stood for, or how they were different than their parents, incapable of being self possessed enough to even say what they thought, to have opinions. (In the next year or so that would begin to change.)
Penelope managed to not become pregnant.  So many ignorant girls did and that was enough to scare a person celibate if parental warnings didn't.  She knew enough to tell her lovers they needed to bring something with them.  There was compliance.  No accidents. 
She was incredibly wise about the world compared to me, compared to most girls.  I attributed this to that she went to what was called "an inner city school."  Her parents were devoutly married.  Her mother was spinsterish.  Certainly Penelope wasn't raised to be anything other than a "lady."  Growing up in the city was faster, the parents less able to control or protect you.
Penelope became a collector of men.  What she began in high school continued into her years of young womanhood.  I would call her and she would tell me about the various boyfriends she had describing them as "A blond Norwegian," or "A Japanese."  Men somehow knew that she was available sexually, warm and friendly, dressed in flowing but modest clothing, for one thing Penelope never did was show off her figure or a lot of skin, and she seemed to have attracted an International Set.
I lost touch with Penelope.  Years later I learned that she had married someone that she had lived with for many years, someone from another race, ethnicity, and country, and I had to smile. 
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 Image from Google Images
(May 20, 1887 Paris - October 29, 1967 Montmarte, France)
Her millionaire lover,  Benjamin Guggenheim, called her "Ninette."   He was a married Jewish man from a wealthy New York family, the second most wealthy man on the ship after Jacob Astor, and she was a Parisian night club singer and his mistress.  Benjamin bought tickets for himself and his valet (who shared a room), his chauffer, and Madam Aubert and her maid, Emma Sagesserm, so they could stay in separate cabins, and keep up appearances. They all boarded the ill-fated Titanic on April 10th, 1912 at the port in Cherbourg, France expecting to spend their voyage in the first class areas of the ship and arrive in New York City in high style. 
Ninette spoke no English.  She was just 24.   Benjamin, born in America in 1865, was a bit more than a decade older than she.  His father had made the family wealth in industry and Benjamin had retired from actively attending to business.  He had semi retired from his marriage.
When the Titanic hit the iceberg that would tear into it, Benjamin and his valet, in stateroom cabin #B82, slept through the impact.  But soon after midnight, Ninette and Emma, her maid, who had felt the collision while in their room, #B35, came into his room worried.  Benjamin dressed and was given a life jacket and a heavy sweater and they all walked out to the lifeboats.
When it was time to get into one, she and Emma entered boat #9.  Benjamin and his valet stayed behind, perhaps realizing how desperate the situation really was.  Last seen sitting on deck chairs by the women, it was later reported that Benjamin had managed to get a message to his wife through another passenger who survived.  He said, "Tell my wife, if it should happen that my secretary and I both go down, tell her I played the game out straight to the end. No woman shall be left aboard this ship because Ben Guggenheim was a coward."  Secretary?
In the famous film "TITANIC" by film-maker James Cameron, one perhaps never to be outdone, Ninette was acted by Linda Leisher in a scene in which she is mentioned as a bit of a society scandal.  In the scene in which Benjamin and his valet are joining other wealthy men who will go down with the ship to their death, he changes into his best evening suit.  Ever aware of his high class status, the character says, "We have dressed in our best, and are prepared to go down like gentlemen."  (That was a quote from an interview with Ninette after the sinking.)  The men drowned in the early hours of April 15th, just hours after the ship, which was branded and marketed erroneously as "unsinkable," hit into the berg.  Their bodies were never recovered.
Taken aboard the Carpathia, the steamship that made it to the scene of the lifeboats,  Ninette sent a Marconigram  (a radiogram) to Paris to let everyone know she was a survivor. 
She was interviewed and depicted the scene of the gentlemen calmly puffing their cigars and having brandy while watching the women and children get into the lifeboats. 
Maybe the men appeared calm because they were in denial, shock, or held to the belief that a rescue ship would come in time to save them.  
Ninette told others that once on the Carpathia she was near a nervous breakdown, and that her nervous system was permanently shattered by the ordeal and the loss.  At the time she may not have been exaggerating.  She wasn't the only person to be so effected by the horrific scenes of the sinking nor the only one to make an insurance claim. 
When the Titanic sunk Ninette suffered great loss; Benjamin, her hopes and dreams as a Mistress, her jewelry, clothing, and her millinery  (hats!) all went down with the ship.  She did make an insurance claim to receive some money for her personal possessions emphasizing that that it had been necessary to leave things behind and hadn't even been properly dressed for her escape. 
I've yet to learn if Madame Aubert got any inheritance from Benjamin Guggenheim, if there was any plan for what would happen if he died, but it seems unlikely.
It's said that she stayed in New York until May of the next year and then, upset and afraid, but unable to continue living in New York without anyone to support her, boarded another steamship, the Adriatic, back to France, leaving her trunk and railway tickets behind because of her nervousness.
In the end she recovered herself and lived a long life. Madam Leontine Pauline Aubert outlived Guggenheim by 55 years! 
(This article was researched and put together from information that is repeated on many web sites and in books.)
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