Wednesday, December 19, 2012


If you haven't yet, it's time to make some plans so that you are not alone for the holidays, that is, if you don't want to be.  (Many very busy people long to have some peace and quiet in solitude.) If you haven't, learning to love your own company is the key to solitude rather than loneliness. 

The holidays offer many opportunities to keep in touch with local and long distance friends, even if it's just attending to your holiday card list and adding a personal note.

I'M A BELIEVER IN THE GOOD OLD FASHIONED, STAMPED, ENVELOPED, GREETING CARD, one with at least a short personal note.  E-mail or e-cards will never replace the well designed papery card!  Not among people with taste!

Are there any movies you've been wanting to see AT THE THEATRE?
Home DVD nights be banned!  Time to take yourself out to the movies, the biggest screen, but don't indulge in the extra large popcorn which will put fat on your tummy that only Santa Claus would envy!

Is there something special you've been hoping someone else would gift you?  Maybe it's time to indulge yourself a little.  Buying something special for yourself, when you can afford to, is a wonderful way to stimulate our poor economy.  Maybe you are or used to be a retail sales clerk on commission yourself?

If you are going to spend the days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve alone and are thinking you might get depressed, think vacation.  If you can't leave town, make this a time to become a tourist of your own town  Now is the time to go to art galleries, museums, and concerts.

Don't forget to invite your friends.

It's not too late to create a wonderful holiday season for yourself!


Saturday, December 8, 2012


When I started this blog I had a short list of mistresses and most of them were in the Historical Mistress category but as time goes by more and more mistresses emerge in the news, often because they out themselves by writing books or are written about.  After all, most mistresses are in secret relationships, as secret as those who keep the secret.  After all, we aren't ready for polygamy to be legal.  We're still struggling with gays being allowed to marry legally.

One of the discussion issues about Mistresses is defining who is or is not a Mistress.  MOST OF THE WOMEN WHO ARE CALLED MISTRESSES IN THE PRESS are NOT!  Of all of the modern women who have suffered due to this label is Monica Lewinsky, who was simply in an affair with President William Jefferson Clinton when he was in office, though she may have felt love for him that he didn't have for her.  Strangely, it is his denial of her that has set her apart, and possibly made her unmarriagable.  Every adulterer is not a mistress or mister, and not every mistress is an adulterer!

In History many mistresses of Kings and other Aristocrats were married (some would say Married OFF) or acknowledged financially.  It was considered good for the family.  (An example or two is Mary and Ann Bolyn.)  Some men, including husbands (think Camilla Parker Bowles' husband Charlie) were tolerant or delighted that their women were of interest to men with power and those men with power sometimes sent the husband away on some official duty but often rewarded them. 

These days many mistresses are self supporting.
These days some women are keeping men.
These days some women mistress for a time because it suits their time of life, and move on into marriage or singlehood on purpose.

These days when women have more power over their own lives than ever (though not as much as the feminists would idealize) some are choosing to be with men who cannot or will not marry them.


I think it comes down to LOVE.

There isn't the benefits of marriage to a mistress that wives can have, and many a wife is staying in a loveless marriage for one reason or another, often financial.  So whose to throw the first stone at another woman who has financial as well as other interests in a relationship?

Earlier in the year I said that I might go a couple months in 2012 without naming a Mistress of the Month and it never happened because there were too many mistresses in the news to ignore.  This month I'll be focusing on the holidays and I hope you will be too!


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Dear Missy,

I'm a college student and have been putting myself through with part time jobs.  Since I started my relationship with "Jared" I cut my hours way back. I'm a waitress, and now I don't think I can afford to stay in school.  Jared is an attorney who seems to be doing really well and I've never asked him for anything.  He's given me some expensive gifts, jewelry and a watch, but nothing as practical as tuition.  I don't know if I want to actually ASK, you know?  Jared by the way is not married, but he has also told me he doesn't want to get married and prefers I be his mistress - his word not mine.

Alice in Vermont

Dear Alice in Vermont,

Well, Jared has made it a point of telling you that he doesn't plan to marry you, or maybe anyone.  You should take him at his word.  He also says he wants you to be his mistress.  Have you ever asked him what he thinks the difference between a wife and a mistress is, or what his expectations are of a mistress - you?

Many mistresses do find themselves having to be or stay flexible so that they can spend time with their man.  You must however take care of yourself, your education, and your career, unless he has arranged to support you and for a long time and as a lawyer he knows how to create the legal documents that can do that.  As things are, first it will be dropping out of school and then it will be loosing your apartment or working full time to stay there.  Seems to me staying in school is the thing for you to make happen and if selling the jewelry and watch would pay tuition I would.

So my first suggestion is that you talk to Jared and tell him that you have to take on more hours at your job in order to afford school and that you're sure he understands that.  Then start working more.  Within a few weeks he is going to realise that if he wants to see you and he wants you to live around his availability something is going to have to change.  More than one mistress has been put through college by her man, so don't be shy about that just get the money in cash in hand and go pay the tuition with it first thing - if he offers.  Don't even suggest that you'd be willing to quit school for him!  If Jared takes his leave of your life because you can't be out with him and afford school, let him go.


Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm not going to elect a MISTRESS OF THE MONTH this month.

Not that there aren't more mistresses to write about!

Instead I decided to look at the Google Blogger stats and write about some of the most popular mistresses and posts over the last year! 

This may surprise you, but Jesse Jackson Sr.'s, Karin Stanford (sometimes the spelling of her given name is Karen and sometimes you see her surname as Stafford but I think Stanford is right) seems to be the most popular! 

As for this blog, MISTRESS MANIFESTO, no other mistress seems to have gotten as many hits!  That makes Karen the most popular mistress that I've included in my pantheon.

Next, when it comes to number of hits is a brief mention of BOB HOPE'S GIRLFRIENDS.  (I'll have to do more on that subject in 2013!)

In 2013 I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO HEAR FROM MORE OF YOU and reach deeper into my mail bag!  I'd love to give a few more people advice - or at least my point of view - but I know that so many of you are in the closet about your alternative lifestyle.  I want to respect that, which is why almost all the mistresses I've written about are public, historical, or otherwise documented persons.  I wouldn't out someone just because they wrote to me!


We all seem to agree that a mistress is a kept woman who is involved with a married man and who receives substantial financial support from him, but we all know that a person, male or female, whatever their sexuality, can be a mistress (or mantress) without being involved with a married person.  Some mistresses of very wealthy men will never have to work for a living in their lives, others are kept for a short period of time or are self supporting.

Yes, there are just so many different ways to be a mistress. 

Yet there are some people that the media has or does label "mistress" who just never were.  One of those people is Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with President Bill Clinton while he was in office that appears to have been a one sided love.  (You can read more about Monica by using the Google search feature installed on this blog!  We can't wait to read the book she's working on!)  A mere affair does not make a mistress!

Perhaps more than anything, being a mistress is a mentality, a way of looking at love and life, a choice for some and fate for others!


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