Saturday, May 27, 2017


1) Before you read Mistress Manifesto BlogSpot, did you know who LINDSAY MILLS was?

2) Do you believe that Edward Snowden has always kept his college educated girlfriend, who he has reportedly had a relationship with for about 9 years, ignorant of his cyber information theft activities? Or does she know more?

3) Do you think Edward Snowden loves Lindsay Mills?

4) Do you think Lindsay and Edward should marry in Russia and live their lives out there (or outside the United States) where he cannot be put on trial or prosecuted?

5) Do you think Lindsay Mills is a Kept Woman?

6) Do you think Edward Snowden is a "whistle-blower" and patriot, or a spy and traitor?

7) Should Lindsay Mills quit Edward Snowden and get on with her life while she's still young?

Friday, May 26, 2017


"I give it thought and decide when not to wait."

Have you ever heard the saying, "Timing is everything?"  It means that everything else is quite good, but ultimately what ever it is - a new film or music album to be launched - an invention to be financed - a relationship that should turn into a marriage -  a job you'd be proud to have on your resume - instead fails to thrive or succeed because it was the wrong time for it - too early - too late - never meant to be.

Many people have met someone so right for them that they felt themselves falling in love, then found out the person wasn't truly available because they were not even divorced yet, and hung in there hoping that that by putting in time, the day would come.  Sometimes it does!

Many people have found themselves waiting for a promised promotion that suddenly gets all turned around because the person they were to replaced decided not to retire, or the company itself goes bankrupt.

So there you are, qualified, ready, and you know what you want.  You don't want to believe you can't have what you want, and you've already put in so much effort, energy, time, you are sure you deserve it. 
You may have redirected your entire life for this goal. 
How do you know when waiting is not worth it? 
How do you know how much more time to give?

Every situation is so very different, that I can't pull a single number out of hat.  I've heard it said that a band should give the music business ten years, and then if they haven't made it, give up.  I've heard a decade is a good try for becoming a famous actor.  We know that there are lots of exceptions to these rules including people who have maybe not "made it," but who still love what they do and need to do it so much that they can be found playing small clubs all over the country and  acting in summer theatre in their town.  And some people feel it is worth it for them to have love in their life, even if they must share someone, than not at all.

So your decision must come not only at looking at the cold, hard facts, but accepting how it is you feel, and if you feel frustrated, bored, depressed, or, if you're loosing sleep, chances are you should have been out of there YESTERDAY!  Not that any of us can be happy all the time, but do ask yourself if you are fulfilled most of the time.  If you've had a long good run and are in a rough patch, maybe it's temporary?


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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


A friend of mine who worked in Southern California during the dot-com boom said that many of the twenty-something men she worked for and with, many who had parental money or inheritances or trust funds to draw from for business start ups and then paid themselves well from their enterprises,  had mistresses.  She said they were quite open about it.

I know that Silicon Valley executives have mistresses.

Are you one?

We'd love to hear from you!

Remember that I monitor all comments and only publish those that I think are contributory to the topic or helpful, and if you write "do not publish" to give me information, I will respect that! 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I think PRIVACY is a major issue for all of us, but perhaps especially for Mistresses, those women (and sometimes men who I call Mantresses) who have relationships ongoing with men who they are not married to, who are often married legally to someone else.  (I note that you don't have to be committing adultery to be Kept or to be Kept.)  At the beginning of this month, I elected the "girlfriend" of Edward Snowden, Lindsay Mills, as an honorary mistress of the month.  I think that Lindsay's relationship with Edward has a lot of mistress characteristics, in particular that he has provided financial support, adventure, and she has made living with him in numerous locations around the world - now reportedly Russia, over her own dancer career.  She has provided support to Edward emotionally, and other unsaid benefits to having a girlfriend.  But there is no adultery apparent in their relationship.  Not only are they not married to others, they are not married to each other.  So I promised you I would write a review after I got my copy.

Last night I saw the film SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone for the first time. I was disappointed that the story cut off before the "stuck in the Russian International Terminal" episode because by ending before this the references to assistance by Julian Assange/WikiLeaks/Sarah Harrison is omitted, and so much else.  Because Stone says their relationship is extremely important to the film, I frankly expected to see more of it. the film shows their first in person meeting after connecting through a web site called GeekMate in Washington DC, and makes certain that we know they have both been surrounded by family members and friends who work for the U.S. Government. However there is a dramatic scene of a loud argument between them in which Edward is the workaholic and financial support and responsible one who says she lives in a "fairytale."

In another scene, Edward suggests she go home to her parents. Which she does.

However, the bonus interview was a bit more interesting.  Edward Snowden says the argument scene makes him look like the world's worst boyfriend.  He also compliments Lindsay exceedingly for forgiving him, understanding him, and continuing to be supportive of him by not quitting their relationship and being there in Russia for him.  I would have loved it if Lindsay had also been interviewed live from Russia.  I just don't know that the actress Shailene Woodley "became" Lindsay Mills or not.  There are many photos of Lindsay on the Internet and on YouTube, many she owns or originally posted.  But I have no sense of her personality really.

I completely agree with the statements Edward Snowden makes about the VALUE OF PRIVACY and the difference between what you CHOOSE to put on the Internet and someone else does.  He says our lack of privacy due to the Internet in general, e-mail, cell phones, and much else recording us has caused us to LOOSE THE ABILITY TO MAKE MISTAKES.

I the last few days, I attended a meeting where a photographer showed up and the person leading the meeting gave casual permission, jokingly to photo us.  I went with it but later worried about how I might appear and that the photo might be used out of context with the purpose for the meeting.  Yesterday as I talked to my neighbor as he watered his lawn, another neighbor who is a wedding photographer decided to practice his drone photography by hovering over us.  Of course, without our permission.  My neighbor mentioned using drones for photography was now popular for wedding photographers.  I must be getting more old fashioned by the moment.  I dislike photographers inside wedding ceremonies and think the wedding party should go take photos elsewhere, such as a studio, like they used to.  When someone brags to me about photographing or videoing the birth of their child I think "is nothing sacred?"

So, I thought Oliver Stone did a good job of presenting to us a likeable and believable Edward Snowden, a Patriot, and a Whistleblower, which is opposite that Edward Snowden portrayed by Edward Epstein in his book which I talked about earlier this month.  The film is very popular.  I was on a wait list of several hundred people with over 50 copies making the rounds.


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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


 Missy here! 

I was just looking through COMMENTS today and found some Spam as well as a few very nice posts that I could not post because they contained personal information such as e-mail addresses.  Generally, I may post a good comment that appears under a related post that has a link to your own Noncommercial Blog or Website, but if you put an e-mail address I won't.  I have no way of knowing for sure that you're the actual owner of that e-mail but even if you are, it doesn't seem safe or smart to. To expose an e-mail like that is a great way for you to be badly spammed yourself.

I heard from one of the authors of a book I posted who thanked me but also wanted my review to be used on Amazon. Thanks for the compliment but Amazon ownership is incredibly wealthy. In fact Jeff B. is one of the richest men in the world. And I'm not at all.  Why should my hard work at  buying or borrowing books, reading, writing a review, and posting, be used or owned by anyone but me? If you want to link from  your official author blog to my review, that's respectful. Sometimes I spend many hours on my subject. So no I am not giving my Copyright over to one of the riches men in the world. And don't you either!

Which brings up the fact that though I do all that work, the profiles of Kept Men and Women and other topics here at MISTRESS MANIFESTO are not biographies.  I'm always open to your comments, including if you politely disagree with me, but please also provide some references, such as the name of the book or a link to an article that defies the stance I've decided to take.  I can't read them all but I just might.  Also, sometimes I will use more than one book and post and review the other book(s) later in the month.

I try to post images that are OK to use for NONPROFIT BLOGS and WEB SITES, some in the Public Domain, some not.  If you copy an image I have searched for and used here and are making bucks using it or making bucks on the site where you used it, let me remind you that's not the usual Copyright or Fair Use agreement and You may end up in trouble!

Finally, though I don't write for hits, I do look at stats and I do hope that those of you who are attracted to this site looking for the most scandalous stories will read more and come to understand that for every one mistress who was considered scandalous and so had a book or books written about her, or who wrote her own memoir, there were probably at least a thousand others who continued to live private lives.  The purpose of this blog is not to out people so much as to come to understand that there was no one way for a women (or man) to become or be a Mistresses (or Kept).  So, do me a favor and go further with your reading  about Dawn Shiller, and Faith Domergue to women like our Honorary Mistress of May 2017, Lindsay Mills, to Isadora Duncan or Georgia O'Keefe. Take a look in PAGES where I've been keeping a list of all the topics!  I guarantee your understanding will deepen, even your feminism may deepen, as has mine!  Missy

Sunday, May 14, 2017


There are so very many ways to love, something that Mistresses seem to know well. After all, their love is not always sanctioned by legal marriage. As a result, in order to avoid possible scandal, and to keep their relationship "as is," a mistress often accepts that she will never marry the person she loves, and keeps to a separate social group. If she has chosen well, she suffers less than the woman who has no love at all, and if years go by, it's quite possible she will have children, "extra matrimonial" children, who deserve all her love too.

What about her own mother?  Some Mistresses have mothers who have also been Mistresses, some Mistresses have mothers who have been kept from the truth, and some mothers are in the know but do not approve.

Some people have mothers who are easy to love, and some not, still, whatever your situation, try to love your mummy.  Don't forget her on this very American holiday.  Give her a call.  Tell her what you love about her.

"Today is the day that I express my love to the mother or mothers who deserve my love."

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Stone did lots of research including in person interviews in Russia, and even bought the rights to the spy novel (a first) that Edward Snowden's Russian Lawyer, who Edward Epstein wrote is a personal friend of Vladimir Putin, for a million dollars.

Here's Stone on why Edward Snowden's RELATIONSHIP is what makes it a dramatic story:

Edward's Parents went to the premier of the film, and spoke to the actor who portrayed him:

I'm waiting on a copy and will post a review after I see the film for myself! Missy
I'm still waiting on May 19th but am told I'll have my copy before the month is over!

Saturday, May 6, 2017


There are thousands of news articles to read around Edward Snowden, as well as a documentary film, CitizenFour, and a fictive, Oliver Stone produced film, Snowden, to watch, to form an opinion of Snowden, and what he and our United States government did.  I've been following the EDWARD SNOWDEN STORY for years, since I first heard this American was in a Moscow airport bolt hole, along with Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks, who was instrumental in getting him to Russia.  But maybe he knew he was heading there all along.

When I went looking for a well researched book to read to try and understand more, the librarian suggested this one, as Edward Jay Epstein in a respected journalist and author.  This is investigative journalism, and it's persuasive:  Edward Snowden does fit the definition of Spy, as we generally, and certainly our government has, not just in this case, but historically.  His activities to steal information and expose it, and his way to Russia, all of it, did not happen nilly willy.  It was a concentrated, possibly orchestrated (by Russia) effort, and he planned it and he knew what he was doing.

Check out this article by Glenn Greenwald on website entitled WHY HAS TRUST IN MEDIA COLLAPSED? Dated March 30, 2017, goes against Epstein, as he is one of those who made a case for Snowden's spy status by bringing up what I'll call "Snowden's Missing in Hong Kong days."

An excerpt:  Greenwald wrote, "Contrary to the fable these outlets dispensed to their readers — that Snowden did not check in to the Mira Hotel on May 21 as he claimed but only did so on June 1, 11 days later — these new documents, obtained from the Mira, prove that Snowden arrived there exactly when he always said, rendering their published stories factually false"  Greenwald goes on to say that Edward Jay Epstein used this incorrect information as a "linchpin" in his book, "How America Lost It's Secrets."

I do not agree with Greenwald that "Snowden's Missing in Hong Kong days," are the linchpin of proof that he is a spy or that this error is what Epsteins book relies on as proof that Snowden is a spy for Russia (or possibly China.)  No Epstein really does slowly and factually build a case, and like the film maker Oliver Stone, he did a lot of interviewing and talking to experts.  I conclude that while Snowden says he wants to return to the U.S. if he is guaranteed a fair trial, a fair trial would have to include much of what Epstein has brought forth.
Since this book is a page turner and I can't reference the whole thing in a blog post, I'll just go over some of the important information.

- Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks, created the flight to Cuba that journalists tried to get on to follow the story (and many other flights booked at the same time) to create confusion and a diversion.
- When the plane they were on landed in Russia, where Snowden should not have been allowed in without a Visa, officials met the plane, took them off it before other passengers  could deplane, and knew to receive them and where to hide them.  While in Hong Kong he'd talked to some Russian officials.  He did not apply for Visas to other countries while there.
- He methodically and intelligently planned his employment to access what he wanted to steal.
- In Chapter 16, "The Question of When,"  and Chapter 15, "Did Snowden Act Alone?" we learn that he had to have gotten the passwords to up to 24 vaults that he could not have in his previous - pre NSA - employment which suggests that he may have not been alone in all this.  At least one other person could have been in the plot, but it seems Snowden was going to be the guy to take the solo public blame. Was he recruited by the KGB based on the fact that he was a disgruntled employee?
- In Chapter 13, we learn that Snowden stole over 900,000 military files, and that the vast majority of the documents he had, which would make him valuable to our enemies,  do not involve domestic surveillance of ordinary people who are not criminal or terrorists.
- Snowden has a history of lying about his employment, reasons for being let go, and his income and has used health issues that were made up, since his brief stay in the military.  He also mislead - manipulated the journalists he selected to tell his story, using journalism as public relations.
WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE LINDSAY MILLS?  Edward Jay Epstein doesn't say it but I will. Most likely he isn't so compartmentalized as to be honest with her.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This image found in Google image search under Lindsay Mills Wiki


HER FRIENDS NEVER MET HIM, so they wondered if he really existed.  (Mistress credentials begin to accumulate!)

Her father, Jonathan Mills, back in 2013 when the international drama was first unfolding, said that she and Edward Snowden, the techie employed as a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, who secretly downloaded millions of documents belonging to the NSA (National Security Agency: a US federal defense bureau established in 1972 that specializes in cryptography) and fled the United States to Hong Kong and then Russia, had been "dating" for four or five years.  Dating? That's an understatement. Like what?  Ed picked Lindsay up in his car and took her out to the movies on Saturday nights?  But then dad admitted he didn't always know where in the world she was. Which again, gives the lovely Lindsay mistress credentials; traveling to be with her man, and to foreign countries where she cannot expect to earn her own income. This woman is either an heiress or Kept. Who was paying for all that travel and her living expenses?  If dad was picking up the tab wouldn't he know where his daughter was?  Needless to say, she may not have been working to support herself because you can't go just get a job in foreign countries without being hired by an American Company there first or having special Visas and work permits.

According to respected journalist/author Edward Epstein (book below), and other sources, including Lindsay herself, Lindsay has so far lived with Edward Snowden in Russia, Hong Kong (prior to his run there), Hawaii, Switzerland, Japan, not to mention locations in the continental United States.  She is stuck on him!

Lindsay Mills is Edward Snowden's very best, possibly only real friend, lover, and confidant.  Yet, he says he told her nothing about what he was doing, as he very purposely got himself hired to complete the methodical work of stealing documents that began before he worked for Booz Allen Hamilton on NSA work.  He says he didn't want to implicate her.  And she's not.

Lindsay's educated, a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, a ballerina, true, and she is also an acrobat and pole dancer, but paying work?  She would not be the first Mistress to travel with and be the emotional support of a man with a good income and though she blogs and poses for selfies, some of which appear professional, she's all about her relationship.

No reason to think there's an adultery in this relationship.

But then you don't have to be married to be Kept!
From our Mistress Manifesto BlogSpot perspective, the question of how devious or manipulative or honest this sincere-seeming boy next door type with the hot Mistress is, has bearing on how we perceive his long relationship with Lindsay.  Maybe these two are soul mates, and maybe neither of them believe in marriage.  It's a "institution" after all. Maybe she can forgive him anything!  Maybe they're the Odd Couple?
Seems to me Lindsay Mills was thrust into the spotlight because of her man's activities, and because of this infamy, she is being used (in a nice way) to normalize Ed and their unconventional relationship.  Back in the day people would say that Lindsay's "beautiful enough to marry," which was meant as a compliment but had a way of slapping down women whose best attributes were not their looks.  But they haven't. We actually don't know what their deal is as a couple.  Because of all the years they have together surely they have one.  I suspect one thing that's part of it is that Lindsay not ask questions. (Familiar to any of you Mistresses out there?) After all those years, it's said she was ready to marry him.  Detractors on the Internet surmised that he had taken whistleblowing and fleeing as a way to avoid marriage too.

While Edward must have been about to implode as he calmly went to work each day, figuring out how to get passwords beyond his security clearance and do extensive downloading on thumbdrives, steadily acquiring documents that he agreed as an employee he would protect, Lindsey seemed to be exposing not only her body but the emotional rollercoaster she was on in her relationship on the internet.  Maybe they each have a different relationship to the issue or privacy.

She poetically wrote on her blog in June of 2013, when the truth that her man was not just on a business trip hit:

"My world has opened and closed all at once.  Leaving me lost at sea without a compass.  Surely there will be villainous pirates, distracting mermaids, and tides of change in this new open water chapter of my journey..."

I watched a number of YouTube videos that are still up from that time that have inaccurate information, in particular that they'd broken up. I think about the term "fake news" which has made us all question how much we read is opinion and how much is journalism and how much is opinion sold as journalism.  (At the end of the month I will ask you to make comments on a series of questions I have about these two. I do try and reference books, news articles, interviews, and so on as a basis for what is my opinion.)

I was riveted to learn that about the same time as she was in shock, and he was holed up in Russia, she and Ed were texting! 

In 2014, our Honorary Mistress of the Month - LINDSAY MILLS - began living with Ed, who is either a whistleblower or spy, hero or traitor or patriot,  in exile in Russia - following her heart once again - although it's not clear to me what her entry and stay requirements are; She may actually come and go, thus validating her self description as a "vagabond." What's not reported is if she too has a deal with Russia, like he most certainly does, to be there. 

One thing for sure, the reportage on Lindsay is comparatively minimalistic compared to the thousands of news articles that have come out since Edward Snowden was reportedly going to transfer on a plane to Cuba and did a no show, and Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks fame, turned out to be stuck with him in the puzzling zone of the International Airport in Moscow where reporters searched to find them.

I watched the documentary CitizenFour, at home on a DVD.  It was interesting and suspenseful, even though I knew the outcome. I believed Edward Snowden was right to expose United States governmental spying on citizens through their cyber and cell phone use, but I also think that the United States needs to be secured and it turns out he took much more information than I thought.
Dressed beautifully, was Lindsay at the side of the filmmakers on the stage to accept their awards.  It was said that she was there to represent Edward.

 When I hear that Ed doesn't believe he will get a fair trial in the United States but would come back here if he was guaranteed one, I think, "but a fair trial would present at least as much as Edward Epstein's book, and he still might go to prison for the rest of his life."

Then, what happens to Lindsay?  She loves him.  But I ask you, if Lindsay was your best girlfriend or your sister would you tell her to stay with Edward or move on?

At the time Edward, 29, left Hawaii without explanation, Lindsay Mills, 28, even called herself a "superhero."  Of course she has a sense of humor.  In Hawaii, she was left stymied and had to answer the door when investigators came calling looking for her man, who had lied to his superiors at work to buy time.

She blogged, L's Journey (LSJOURNEY.COM went down for a while but is back up.) She also was extremely open on her blog about the emotional chaos she was in, when she returned home from a trip to a note that he would be gone on a business trip for a while.  Understatement of the Century - thus far!  But then Ed has a history of self mocking avatars, as well as stretching the truth about his titles, responsibilities, and pay; he lies. Were his lies to keep his privacy, to cover his activities, or what?

On her blog, she reveals her body in many provocative selfies that are titillating, showing off her sometimes androgynous, sensibly muscular dancer - acrobat body.  Some of this photos are so well staged and lit that they appear to be professional photographs.  Ed thinks she's beautiful.  So do I. 

He hadn't informed her that he was abandoning her in favor of being a real Superhero of sorts, letting Americans and the countries thought to be our Allies know that they were being spied on in vast data collections.  (I hope to watch this film before the month is over!)


This book is the primary reference for this month concerning Edward Snowden and his long time Mistress (my judgment call) Lindsay Mills.  I've also read a dozens of recent articles on the Internet seeking information about their relationship. I've been reading around Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the subject of privacy since I first heard there was an American stuck inside the terminal of an International airport in Moscow. I wanted to know "where is he really?" In an hourly motel room?  Off premises and in the hands of the KGB?  Alive?  Dead? 

Among the many articles I read in my search for Lindsay are the following:
DAILY BEAST by Caroline Linton : snowden-s-girlfriend-writes-all-i-feel-is-alone
VANITY FAIR :snowden-girlfriend-lindsay-mills-Oscars
BUZZ FEED: This is Edward Snowden's Girlfriend (Great Photos!)

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