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Maybe you've seen the Documentary Films, the Movie, the Broadway Musical, or the Television Show...    Alas, she lived for twenty years (give or take) at 3 West End Road, Georgica Pond, caring for her mom. Or was her mom caring for her?

She often spoke of wanting to be free to do as she pleased but she wasn't free again until her mother died.   But does anyone know who the married man was that she kept company with in New York?  And is he the reason this model - singer - wanna be comedic actress' hair started falling out in clumps?

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From the site:

'Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. As defined under U.S. federal law, victims of human trafficking include children involved in the sex trade, adults age 18 or over who are coerced or deceived into commercial sex acts, and anyone forced into different forms of "labor or services," such as domestic workers held in a home, or farm-workers forced to labor against their will. The factors that each of these situations have in common are elements of force, fraud, or coercion that are used to control people.  Then, that control is tied to inducing someone into commercial sex acts, or labor or services.  Numerous people in the field have summed up the concept of human trafficking as "compelled service."  Every year, human traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizing millions of people around the world, and here in the United States.  Human trafficking is considered to be one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.'

National Human Trafficking Resource Center
1-888-373-7888 or text BeFree (233733).
The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) is a national, toll-free hotline, available to answer calls and texts from anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
The NHTRC is a program of Polaris Project, a non-profit, non-governmental organization working exclusively on the issue of human trafficking. We are not a government entity, law enforcement or an immigration authority.


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SHATTERED DREAMS BROKEN PROMISES is C 2007 Michael Viner Phoenix Books

UNNAMMED WOMAN was born in Saint Petersburg, and was in her thirties when she told her story to the author.  Her parents moved the family to London, where she runs Internet sites for escorts and pays women from Eastern Europe to prostitute.

Pages 255 - 256 - 257

"I never intended to become a madam.... Today I run several of the biggest Internet prostitution schemes in London.  In a good week I might earn thirty thousand dollars, but those weeks are less frequent than they used to be, and the competition is fierce... Of course I have to pay lots of people: the webmaster, the website promoter, the girls who answer the phones, the photographer who shows off the escort's assets and Photoshops their shortcomings.  I keep apartments year round for the girls who fly in from Eastern Europe for short-term work, but even that has gotten out of hand...

The good girls do well, not perhaps not as well as you might think because of all the middle men.  For instance, if a guest at Blake's Hotel wants a girl for the night, he tells the concierge, who then puts an eighteen hundred dollars miscellaneous charge on the guest's room (converted from pounds to dollars.)  The concierge calls me, and I am paid about twelve hundred dollars.  I, in turn, pay the girl six hundred dollars, and she usually has to give half of that to her handler (the person who has brought her to London and takes care of her), at least at the beginning of her career.  The vast majority of these girls have less than a handful of years of serious earning potential before they become tired-looking and worn out from selling themselves for top dollar.

I call my favorite girls "Firemen" because they never turn down clients even with only a few minutes' notice.  "Candy" is one of my favorites.  I once forgot to tell her about an appointment and she was still ready in two minutes.  And all the clients have good things to say about her.  I know this because I give some of my steady clients a discount to give me reports on the girls.  Were they on time?  Did they do a good job?  And, most importantly did they give a private phone number?  If they did, chances are I would never use them again.  It is also important that a girl does not list herself with other agencies.  If she does, and I was the one who brought her over to London or have given her an apartment, she is through.  I will throw her out of my apartment and do what I can to blacklist her with other agencies."

A special note from Missy.
I recently heard a radio broadcast that mentioned that some madam in England had been busted and I couldn't help but wonder if it was this woman.  Reading over this post which I wrote a couple weeks ago, I have to say that this woman sounded heartless to me.  One of the things she mentioned in her testimony was that her girls are generally worn out in a couple years, and by that she means in all ways, physically, perhaps aged beyond their years, emotionally wasted, etc.

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(UNNAMED WOMAN went to New York from Nijniy Novgorod at the age of 22.  Her friend Marina, who'd been raped on a beach by a stranger and had an abortion, had gone to New York before her.  Marina, who she had been friends with for 18 of her 22 years, just told her life was wonderful. She promised to find her a good job and place to live.  The good job was that of a stripper.)

Page 109 - 110 

"Later on, Marina, who was supposed to be my friend, demanded payment for my housing and food,.  She started fights and conflict.  She betrayed me.  I found out that the entire time she lived in the apartment she had never paid rent and that she had put the lease in my name.  The landlord demanded the rent from me.  The whole thing cost me $4000.  I started to dance at the club since there was no other choice. Later, I discovered that she got a commission for bringing me in on this job.

Then Marina disappeared... Our friendship had already been broken as a cup shatters on the sidewalk.

When I first decided to try dancing it was not as simple as you might think.  I had to undress down to my underwear and let dirty sweaty-handed men put dollar bills in my panties.   They did so with excited expressions on their faces as if they were giving me one-hundred-dollar bills.  The first time, I was the only one on the stage.  I was as thin as a stick, and unable to move right.  I was paralyzed with fear... Later, I learned how to move and become a bitch..."

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I got the movie and watched it.  It was called "Wickedly Funny" by the Los Angeles Times.  It was filmed to look more like a documentary or was it a documentary?   It won the 2005 Santa Barbara Film Festival Best Independent Feature Film (but not Documentary Film).  I'm confused. So it's a fiction and a comedy?  Though there were some scenes that were outrageous I didn't think it was funny!

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SHATTERED DREAMS BROKEN PROMISES is C 2007 Michael Viner Phoenix Books

UNNAMED WOMEN fell in love with a Black American man, while still in Russia, called Smith.   Though her mother loved American Jazz, and she had reason to believe her mother had an affair with a Black man herself at one time, she knew this was not acceptable behavior.  She conducted her dating relationship with him for a year without introducing him to her parents and then he continued to write to her from America.  She came to New York as a dancer on a Broadway production and she had Smith continued their relationship.  She became pregnant while living with him.  Eventually she becomes a Stripper.

Page 177 - 178

"I decided I would talk to my dad and he would prepare my mother for the news.  Surely, the most important thing was that I was a happy woman.  Smith gave me an engagement ring and said we should get married right away.  It's funny because in Russia, you don't swap rings before you get married, the "wedding ring" is called the "engagement ring" and you're given this on your wedding day.  We got married and had a small celebration with just the two of us.  I thought it was strange when Smith put the ring on my left hand.  In Russia, you only wear the ring on your left hand if you are a widow.  Otherwise, it is customary to wear their ring on your right hand... his parents didn't accept me."

(She called Russia to announce she was three months pregnant and married to Smith.  Her father died of a heart attack from the shock immediately after talking to her.  She had her baby, Anastasia, and then four years later Smith had an affair with a co-worker and left her alone in America.)

Page 178
"Not long ago our maid from Moscow called and told me that my mother had died.  I took a flight with my daughter back home.  People around us gave me condemning looks and whispered about my black daughter.  After I had been there a few days, I understood how much I loved America.  I will never go back to Russia."

... You spend your money simply without thinking, making sure that the ever-present shadow of despair does not suck you in,  This is how you prove to yourself why you work in this business and why you shake every part of your body in front of strangers' faces.

Working as a strip dancer, you can't build a serious relationship with a man  Indeed no man wants to learn that his dear girl shows her body in front of hundreds of salivating men. The men who work as the owners of the clubs, the drivers of the girls, the managers and the guards have nothing against us.  They know that we are normal.  But it's not a good idea to have an affair with someone from the work place.  For a woman, it is emotionally hard to hide the work she's doing from the man she loves.  She lies because she is afraid to lose him.  She works because she needs to survive.  And she is always afraid to be alone.

... In my home country they say that "Russians invented love in order not to pay."

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UNNAMED WOMAN from Sevastopol, Russia, a Black Sea port.  She came to the United States and married a man who abused her and who she escaped from.  He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Page 240)  SHATTERED DREAMS BROKEN PROMISES is C 2007 Michael Viner Phoenix Books

"Most mothers were very careful not to let their daughters out of their sights.  We were counseled to never get in any man's car even if the ride was offered during a rainstorm or heavy snowfall.  Gradually, as a couple years passed, after school, my girlfriends started talking about sexual experiences.  They told frightening stories of being raped by men, all sorts of men: clerks at the grocery store, teachers after class, truck drivers along the highway, a group of boys out for a joyride in their parent's car.  The stories were plentiful and awful. More than a third of the girls grew up with this shared fate.

There was no one to complain to.  When a girl tried to report anything, she was ridiculed by the police and usually blamed for having provoked the situation.  In fact, for some off us, this came to be considered a rite of passage.  Almost all of us were raised by our moms with little or no help from our fathers, who usually traded in a wife every ten years or less for a newer, younger model.  In a country where the woman outnumbered the men fifty-five to forty-five percent, there was little choice for the women,.  And Soviet women outlive their male counterparts by an average of twenty years, so most women spend their later years without anyone to chop the wood..."

Page 253)

"It happened that Mark, although American, didn't know the immigration laws of his own country.  He had threatened me.  After I improved, the hospital sent me to a shelter for homeless people.  They gave me a place to sleep and food to eat.  Half the women in the shelter like me, all victims of domestic violence...  It was important for me to be among people who understood me and cared.  I was a zombie.  I couldn't think about anything.  I felt nothing.  It was just very comfortable and secure with all those strong women.  They tried to help me very much.  They were kind to me... The Office of Immigration and Naturalization drew up papers under the battered' wife's law, which allowed me to remain in the country and to apply for immigration papers without an American husband.... Recently, my free government lawyer filed an application Form I-360 for me.  It gives me the right to get a green card because I was a victim of domestic violence.  We attached a copy of the police report, the medical records, and a psychological evaluation from the Women's Center of Albany."  ..."

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NATALIE  (Born 1954 in Harbin, China of parents who hid that they were Jewish.)

"My name is Natalie.  I took all the bricks that were thrown at me and built a bridge.  Some Russian women wall themselves in; others try to take a shortcut and go down a self-destructive path.  Whether real, enhanced, or imagined, their colorful and melodramatic stories are often utilized to garner sympathy, empty wallets, and sometimes alter the lives of the unsuspecting American men that they target.  In these modern times, the trap is often times a website.  An attractive place where willing, young Russian women lay the bait for fantasy-driven American men.

To be put through a test in life is to have a testimony.  Some people find a purpose in their pain and do extraordinary things.  Others become victim - predators that do unto others what someone else has done to them.  And they do it with a vengeance, all the while smiling sweetly and making their victim feel like the love of their life.

But, as we all eventually learn, there are no shortcuts to success and happiness.  However, there are sacrifices great and small as well as faith, a determined and unwavering spirit, perseverance, hard work and, above all, a vision.  It is a vision of ourselves that is greater than our circumstances.

If I had a choice, I would have chosen a different set of circumstances for my life.  However, I took the lemons and made lemonade, then a lemon pie, and then a lemon pie manufacturing factory..."

SHATTERED DREAMS BROKEN PROMISES is C 2007 Michael Viner Phoenix Books

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It's common knowledge that there are thousands of beautiful and desperately poor women who want out of Eastern Europe. 

Some of these women are also romantic and innocent, or at least idealistic and hopeful.  Some have been raped or had their reputations ruined in their own country and there is no recourse.  A woman may feel she has nothing left to loose and maybe it will turn out OK.

Each chapter of this book is a woman's personal story about leaving her home country hoping for a better life - a better man - a better education or job - a higher standard of living - even great wealth.  

What woman anywhere cannot relate to that desire to do well? 

Many Russian and other Slavic women are lured to the United States to be brides. Some of them are happy with the match they have made or at least tolerant of it because they want to stay long enough to not only get Green Cards to work but to become U.S. Citizens.  What a woman from Eastern Europe expects out of a man and marriage may also be radically different from what women in America expect. In Russia, according to this book, it is common for men to be alcoholic, beat their wives, and have more than one girlfriend at a time.  So they may feel "anything could be better."

A woman who wants to be married and may be coming to the U.S. to marry should ask herself why a man, especially one who is successful in his work and owns a home, cannot find a bride in the United States.  He may say he doesn't like American women and is looking for something an Eastern European woman has (or he imagines she has) such as being more sexual or more obedient or servile.  Maybe he is counting on a woman not knowing the truth about him until she is here and it is too late.

Sadly, I've use the word lure because of the dishonesty that many Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and other Slavic women experience, that leads them into not only being unhappy wives but becoming strippers, prostitutes, and sometimes drug addicts.  These women who are trapped in sex work, even trafficked as slaves, often then lie to their families in Europe about what they are doing to send money and even support the whole family from here. 

At what price?

Some make enough to go back and restart a life there without anyone knowing what really happened to them in America.

The title of this book, "Shattered Dreams Broken Promises" is in error because there are some happy endings in this collection,  but there is also, sadly, stories of women who are willingly involved in crime in order to financially profit from American men through dangerous scams, women who are involved with Russian Mafia, and one women based in London who says she owns Internet prostitution sites and has made millions.  

In some chapters, if you read this book, you will get the impression that Eastern European women want to go into prostitution in order to make as much money as possible in their beautiful youth.  So, as you read, you may experience a tangle of emotions and wish you could ask some questions of these women.  If you are not so poor yourself, you may not have a personal experience of this desperation and judge them harshly. 

But is a woman a victor rather than a victim because she is the person who is making millions through criminal activity?

I'm concerned that there are so many women who are fooled into ruining their lives.  I'm concerned that they are told, once they get to the U.S., that the job they were promised is actually to be a sex worker.  How terrible to have no way out other than to become homeless and on the street in a foreign country where they don't have real friend.  Since they do not even have the money to buy a plane ticket back to Russia, some are told they only have to prostitute until they pay the person who bought their ticket back.  That is usually a lie too.

There are women who do marry and are soon abused and afraid to report it, though, interestingly, if a woman is beaten she may instantly qualify for protection and legal status in the United States.  (So if you are an immigrant woman reading this and are being tricked or abused going to the police is the thing to do.  Call 911 or a domestic abuse hotline or go to a police station and ask to be taken to a woman's shelter as your next step.  I will give a National Hotline number for those who are being Sex Trafficked as well at the end of this month.)

A few years ago I was taking a walk when I saw a police car pull up to an elegant town house on a quiet street.  It was in the middle of the day.  I was curious as two officers ran to the door.  A young beautiful woman with a small suitcase was waiting for them.  I heard them talking to her.  "He lied to me." she began.  "My mother is taking care of my child in Russia."

 SHATTERED DREAMS BROKEN PROMISES is C 2007 Michael Viner  Phoenix Books

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This month is dedicated to Slavic Women - Russian women,  Ukrainian Women, Polish Women, and Women of the other smaller Slavic countries, like Yugoslavia and Slovakia.  Though the Russians and Poles have been feuding and warring for centuries and there are daily changes in the Ukraine, have no doubt : Slavs have more in common ethnically with each other than those of other ethnic groups! 

Some of our most gorgeous popular models in recent years have come from these countries, sparking interest in unique Slavic looks and exotic mystique.

Women with Slavic DNA walk the fashion shows in Paris and Milan as models.

Some Slavic models come to the United States and marry - and divorce - movie stars like Mel Gibson or come to Great Britain to get with someone like Rolling Stone, Ron Wood!

Now that Edward Snowden, the whistle blower who, through journalists, let the world know about spying from the top on private citizens, is living in Russia, without his Hawaii-based girlfriend, we can't help but wonder...  Is he lonely? Is he a spy? Is he surrounded by Russian women spies? 

Since the James Bond - Cold War spy days, we Westerners have thought of those Slavic women spies as especially deadly!  Seductive, unemotional, charming sociopaths!


How does a man who wants a Slavic woman as his lover find her, if he cannot find a Slavic- American woman, which there are many of right here?

The Internet is one of the places that American men (and men from other countries as well) seek to make connections with these beauties.  Are these connections healthy?  Are they real?  How many men import a woman to marry and then don't?

Farm girls, at once more innocent and traditional, and hurting from poverty, are sometimes lured to the United States under nefarious means. 

Can it be love at first sight instead? 

Since MISTRESS MANIFESTO gets a lot of interest in Russia (Over 1300 hits since I began blogging! I can't help but think that most of these women are sneaking to read this blog), I almost feel it my duty to at least discuss what has been going on.

I first thought of this as a subject to dwell a month on because I heard that an old platonic friend of mine had, a few years ago, imported a bride from China.  If he were Chinese himself, then there is a long tradition of Picture Brides and arranged marriages in the Orient.  At least his marriage was arranged by Chinese-American friends!  He's an American of Russian Jewish ancestry and I can testify that this man had here in the U.S. his pick of wonderful women who wanted him but he just kept on rejecting women! 

I remembered overhearing a conversation he had with some other rather desperate American men.  By desperate I mean that they were all complaining about not being able to get a date at all, or, if they had been an active dater as he had been, not meeting a woman who truly excited them or who they could imagine a life with. I could easily find fault with some of these men for having rather impossible standards, feeling that they were somehow owed a woman who had more going for her than they could offer, but more than anything they were interested in the idea that a woman from another country would be more traditional, less feminist, less demanding. 

Could it be that a woman who travels across the world for opportunity, leaving her family or support system behind, is simply easily trapped with lies? 

I do not want that to happen to anyone!

As my readers know I like to research my subjects, read around them through books, articles in magazines and on the Internet, and so on, and I did find one book that I thought was excellent on this subject, providing some myth busting testimonials.


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