Thursday, March 29, 2012


"I will not allow myself to become socially isolated."

Take part in life. Your partner is part of your life but not your whole life.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


"You slam a politician, you make out he's the devil, with horns and hoofs. But his wife loves him, and so did all his mistresses." -Pamela Hansford Johnson

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Linking to a long and sad article with fairly recent pictures of Monica Lewinsky about the life she seems condemned to live, all because she had an affair with an American President who has lots and lots of affairs and a wife who most likely knew she was married to a man who can't be faithful sexually.

This one is from Mike O'Brian of the Mail (London) on line. Please read it. You'll know why this is GET OFF THE BACK OF MONICA LEWINSKY MONTH!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last year Monica, who is about 37 or 38 now, and who can't get a date, said that she is still in love with ex United States President, Bill (William Jefferson) Clinton.

Truly I wish she could move on and the American public could forgive her, since obviously they have forgiven Bill (and his wife Hillary). Why is Monica the one who is punished when as they say... IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO!?

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Tripped across this article from 1998 by Maureen Dowd who is a respected journalist and fabulous writer. Now please read the whole thing, linked above, but here is a snippet:

"Bill Clinton's Presidency crystallized with one courtesan. It shattered with another.

His plans to win the White House came together amid the Aubussons, Baccarat, seven-foot-tall sterling torcheres and 18th-century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper in the Georgetown drawing room of Pamela Harriman. His plans for a great legacy fell apart in the windowless hallway near the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky."
Check out my previous posts about Pamela Digby Churchill Harriman:

Commentary: If you read about Pamela Digby Churchill Harriman, you will know that though she was born to wealth and station in life that Monica Lewinsky was not, even she had her awkward period. As a depubtant in England she was considered to have a bit too much baby fat and to not have been the most popular. Things changed for her when she married the son of Winston Churchill, though he was a lousy husband. She had one child - a son - lost the baby fat and went from there. Eventually Pamela, the camillian, who had not been thought all that well of by the Kennedys, converted to Catholocism to marry a man she was mistress to. When he married someone else, she stuck with the religion. She became a fundraiser for the Democaratic party and for Bill Clinton...

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


"There's oral sex whose skillful practitioners have toppled CEOS from presumed rock sound marriages, nearly removed a leader of the free world from office, and turned dictators into jelly beans!"

- David Brown

(David Brown was married to Helen Gurley Brown for many years and passed away in the last year or two. he is credited with helping her do the blurbs for the covers of Cosmopolitan magazine while she was editor. From page 44 of "Browns Guide to the Good Life Without Tears, Fears, or Boredom."

Monday, March 5, 2012


Monica was involved with a married man before Bill Clinton. Still was when she met Bill. Pop Psychology would say that a woman who keeps getting involved with "unavailable" men doesn't want love at all. Only problem is there are so many wives that are married to men who are also "unavailable" in another way - emotionally.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton : Monica is called a "mistress" often (it's all over the net) because she had an affair with President William Jefferson Clinton, but I'm here to tell you she was NOT a MISTRESS.

No, she was one of Bill's affairs, that's all, though she was a mistress wannabe or a wife wannabe or well, what exactly did Monica want?

She went with her heart. Her heart went for Bill.

Monica Lewinsky? Mistress potential? Not exactly zilch. Beautiful. (Yes she is!) Educated. (Very!) Well spoken. (All that pressure in court.) High IQ. (Smart if not sensible.) High self esteem. (Did have. Now? The reports are not good.)

Monica began her affair with Bill in 1995 when she was hired as an intern at the White House. How many people get to intern there? Few.

She called it sex - 9 times. She was obsessed with him. (Everyone I know who has met him says he has charm and charisma to spare to this day! Seems the only person who hasn't had him charm their pants off is his wife, Hillary. No I didn't vote for her.) Monica was young and ambitious and turned on by power and him.

I don't know if she thought of it this way or not, but she was also competitive. She could not imagine she would have much to loose and it's that innocence that got her in trouble and her innocence that turned him on.

Caught, he said he did not have sex - not if you don't count oral - with that woman. Well, at least he didn't call her a "girl".

A betrayal.

He was saving his butt and the hell with her.

Frankly I don't blame Bill for trying to hide his personal sexual encounters and terms and conditions of his marriage from the world because I think even public figures should have some privacy. (If every CEO in America was held to the same standards the papers would be full of their exploits but they arn't anymore than stars of stage and screen.) Except that his enemies say this, his affair, interfered in the way he conducted business, the business of running the United States of America.

While being turned on by power is a positive for Monica, and she has since this scandal, posed for Vanity Fair Magazine and graduated from THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, after trying her talents in the New York fashion business, one of the reasons Monica Lewinsky does not have great mistress potential is that she could not keep her relationship a secret and didn't know who to trust. It was too much for her to do so and she told her so called friend and co-worker (a double wammy) Linda Tripp. Monica misjudged the depth of that friendship and Linda turned into the worlds worst friend, secretly taping conversations (entrapment). Well, the rest is history.

To consider her situation more closely, we have to think of HILLARY CLINTON, now Secretary of State, who decided to forgive her husband after playing the Black Madonna for a while. Bill and Hillary are a Power Couple, two people devoted to furthering each other's careers. No doubt Hillary Clinton decided what was important for her career was to stay married. I don't believe for a moment that she doesn't know she married a Womanizer. That's the situation Monica would have had to face no matter how much longer their affair might have gone on.

Instead Monica faced being judged on the world stage. Comedians like David Letterman made fun of her. You would think she was the first woman who ever had an affair with a married man. Monica became infamous and has been challenged by her reputation ever since. The first woman who gave oral sex.

IT'S TIME TO BACK OFF ON MONICA LEWINSKY! No young woman has paid a higher price for a whirl in 20th century history.

Bill and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Monica to go on trial while they keep going to the Big Offices! Here is something mistresses know too: Bill is not the kind of man who keeps a woman, unless it's totally to his advantage.

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