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Read a number of news articles around this and basically, it's going to be a 13-episode American series that's a remake of a six-episode British series that ran on BBC America.  The interest in mistresses goes on!  What will the writers and producers do with this show?  Will it be at all based in reality?  I don't mean 'reality TV" which is usually fake, but the real lives of mistresses.

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Are you a woman like Harriet and Anne who shared a man with a wife - the three of you living around one person?  We'd all like to know a little bit more about you and your lifestyle!

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I rarely text anymore and have been known to block someone or shut down an e-mail address as soon as I perceive that someone I trusted should not be.  Have you ever had an e-mail address that had absolutely no spam for years become the target of porn spammers simply because you gave that address out on a contact sheet that was circulating around a room at a local event?  Have you ever lent your phone to someone only to have the person they called on it harass you? Have you ever lost your phone or had it stolen and realized that the person who now has the phone in hand knows a lot about your life?  How about a male "friend" who is keeping tabs on you and has a fantasy relationship with you in his mind because he sends little pictures and jokes and you are too kind to never respond?  I've had all those experiences, which is why I'm more cautious these days.

TEXTING AND E-MAILING ARE SIMPLY SO EASY that we have forgotten that our messages can be used against us and CELL PHONES HAVE MADE USING THEM AT ANY HOUR OF THE NIGHT OR DAY A TEMPTING OPTION.  There you are, thinking about someone, wanting very much to reach out, or say I love you, but how many of us have learned the hard way that texting and e-mailing do not make a relationship! 

You know that you can send a message in the middle of the night and that the person will recieve it in the morning when they turn on their phone.  That's not really disturbing anyone, is it?  Well, yes it can be. With cell phones the days of trying to find a phone booth to call someone are over, but keep on the lookout for working phone booths because they may be a better option.

We think we are keeping in touch or providing some vital information - making plans for the next date - when we use them but really RECENT PUBLIC SCANDALS HAVE REMINDED US - TAUGHT US -  THAT TEXTING AND E-MAILING ARE ONLY AS PRIVATE AS THE PERSON WHO RECEIVED MESSAGES, and how sure can we be of privacy when we really don't know someone as much as we should first before we start sending them?  They are not private messages when there is someone who who will reveal their content to others for their own reasons or purposes.  Certainly email or texting "evidence" can be kept, retreived and sent out.  Once you send a text to someones phone it can be resent to dozens of people and those dozens can resend it too.  You are out of control!

Don't think I'm against technology.  I obviously blog, and I welcome people to send me a question or comment using the Google comments option.  I have the controls turned on so that I get to read a comment and decide if it will appear on the net, in order to keep people who might be vulgar or trying to sabotage this blog away, and I promise readers that if they want to send me their e-mail via comments, I will contact them.  It doesn't happen that often, but so far this has worked well.  That's because I would never out a common person who is confiding in me, but I don't blame someone who wants to be cautious with me.

TEXTING AND E-MAILING taking the place of in person, private conversations simply do not further intimacy.   Don't be fooled.   Relationships still take time and energy to develope, nurture, and keep and they happen IN PERSON!  If someone says they will call to make plans, they should.  They shouldn't be sending a Text, a picture, or a joke as a substitute rather than follow through. 

Last year I had two friends who just wanted to text.  I couldn't figure out why they didn't just want to talk on the phone when we spent hours back and forth texting.  One of them said she didn't want her room mate to overhear her and I believed it but when the room mate moved out it was the same.  Finally, I decided I would tell them that I no longer text, but would like to get together for coffee and talk.  It may surprise you, but it didn't me, that both friendships ended.

Texting and e-mailing are a good way to spend time and energy on relationships that are going nowhere.

So - no personal texting or e-mail at work, not when working, not after hours, and not on their computer.
And erase personal messages off your phone soon after you get them.  Never put first and last names in your phone, use nicknames if you can.  Never put personal addresses, e-mails and so on in your phone.

Think ahead to that phone being in someone else's possession.   - Missy

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Keep an old fashioned phone book with names and addresses.

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"Kahn’s private life was equally turbulent, marred by financial difficulties but also by secrecy. He remained married to Esther, with whom he had a daughter, Sue Ann, but had two more children, born to women with whom he conducted long and passionate love affairs. Kahn had a second daughter, Alexandra born in 1954, with Anne Tyng, a young architect who worked for him in Philadelphia, and a son, Nathaniel, born in 1962, with another collaborator, the landscape architect Harriet Pattison. Years after Kahn’s death, Nathaniel made a documentary film, My Architect, about his father.

Just as Anne Tyng made an important contribution to Kahn’s 1950s buildings, Pattison arose his interest in the relationship of architecture to its location and landscape during the 1960s. This was one of the most magical elements of the Salk Institute, perched on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean, and was equally important to Kahn’s 1960-65 campus buildings at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, the 1967-72 Exeter Library in New Hampshire and 1968-74 Yale Center for British Art. Striving for perfection, Kahn’s development during this period culminated in another US masterpiece in the 1967-72 Kimbell Art Museum at Fort Worth in Texas, which is still regarded as an extraordinarily inspiring and empathetic environment for painting and sculpture."

Louis Kahn : Design Museum Site for full article...

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A little promo for the film which came out in 2003. The documentary is not just about a famous architect but his secret life that included three families. Born into turbulent times, experiencing illness and poverty in youth, yet having great talent and ambitions, Louis Kahn is perplexing.


A little promo for the film which came out in 2003. The documentary is not just about a famous architect but his secret life that included three families. Born into turbulent times, experiencing illness and poverty in youth, yet having great talent and ambitions, Louis Kahn is perplexing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I recently watched a DVD called "My Architect - A Son's Journey" and surprise!

It wasn't just about the architecture, but about a genius of a man who had a "complicated" personal life which he was rather private about, architect Louis Kahn who studied at the University of Pennsylvania and later taught at Penn and Yale.

His two mistresses, Ann Tyng and Harriet Pattison, were educated women who were also architects and worked with him on projects. With them he had a child each, and one of those children, his only son Nathaniel, made the documentary film in 2003 about his father. His search was for understand of the man who had fathered him. While many famous architects made commentary about Louis Kahn as an architect in this film I found the mistresses and the meeting of the children most interesting. It's not clear to me for how long these educated and dedicated women worked before or after having their child, who bought the houses, or what their finances were. It's implied that Kahn was financially involved with all of them.  They resided in the Philadephia area.

Splitting his time between three families, Kahn was too busy with his career, which included travel to far off places, to be a father who saw much of his children. He also made some promises he couldn't keep like that he would leave his wife and come and live with one or the other.

In this case, "Love Triangle" doesn't describe the relationships.

These women had children when having a child while single was a scandal lived as single mothers all their lives.

With Ann Tyng, Louis had a daughter named Alexandra, born in 1954. To avoid scandal at the time, Ann was sent to Rome to have her daughter. With Harriet Pattison, he had Nathaniel. (I don't know the story about how Nathaniel got the surname Kahn.) Kahn's wife Esther and his daughter with her, Sue Ann, lived several miles from Nathaniel, who born in 1962, and his mother and Sue Ann's mother never crossed paths until Louis' funeral. (Louis died at age 73.)

The Rabbi who officiated at Louis' funeral didn't know he had a son.


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