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This man was everything - lover, best friend, protector, shopper, chauffer - everything - to the Old Hollywood star who Kept him.  She once claimed he refused to marry her.  But then she vamped. He was devoted to her till the end of her days... Too bad HE doesn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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BBC UK HISTORY ANCIENT ROMANS WOMEN by Suzanne Dixon, who has held lecturing positions at both the Australian National University and the University of Queensland.  Since women in ancient Rome overall had lesser status, there is less evidence about the roles they assumed in life.  Learn a little more with this BBC site essay!

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Excerpts and Notes from Patricia Gucci's memoir "In The Name of Gucci."

When Aied, his first wife Olwen Price, a woman of English heritage, and their three sons, Giorgio, Paolo, and Roberto were at the funeral, as were Patricia and her mother.  Patricia was now 26 years old and pregnant with her second child.

"Eager to pay tribute to my mother, he'd penned his own obituary to be issued upon his death.  Aldo Gucci, he wrote, left behind his wife, Bruna Palombo, and his companion, Olwen Price." (4)

According to Patricia the reversal of the truth was intentional but the New York Times caught the error and printed, "Mr. Gucci is survived by his wife, the former Olwen Price, and three sons," not mentioning Patricia and Bruna at all. (4)

In 2009 when Patricia visited her mother in Rome, where Bruna was living out her life, Bruna gave her a gift of all the love letters Aldo had written to her and telegrams he had sent to her in the early passion of their romance circa 1958-1961, when Patricia had been conceived. (8)

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"I love my own company when I can't be out with Him or my friends."

It seems to me that one must decide if they are alone or lonely.  These two are assumed to be the same but they are not.  I know people who love to be alone.  Often that's because they love their own company and revel in all the things one does best alone, such as reading and writing, or indulging their creativity by painting, knitting, sewing. I have one friend who still goes to movies in theaters and loves to go alone. Some people however simply like to be in other people's company most of the time. If that's you, then you probably have a lot of friends because you need people.  If you're in a relationship with someone who is gone more often than not, and you're feeling lonely, maybe more lonely than you would be in you were not in that relationship, it's time to reconsider.  Such a relationship is probably against your nature and will get to you and bring you down eventually. 
Our Mistress of the Month Bruna Palombo seems to have been secluded.  While it was not in her nature to enjoy social life, she certainly needed to have a few good friends to keep her company and accept her lifestyle as she came to.
Today's women certainly have more opportunity to be out in the world and full of life that women of her era. So evaluate yourself.  Be alone but not lonely.

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Missy's Notes and Quotes from "In the Name of Gucci" by Patricia Gucci :
Some people think "once a cheat, always a cheat."  I don't think that is true.  Some people cheat because they are with the wrong person for them and very unhappy and it's their way out, perhaps not the most honorable way, but their way.  Others were never meant to be monogamous by nature and need to realize that about themselves and proceed honestly with the people they meet.
However, in the story of Aldo Gucci's Mistress, Bruna Palombo, who is a Classic Mistress Kept from early womanhood and all her life, and Aldo's one and only wife Olwen Gucci, there is yet another woman, another Mistress, who provides more competition for them both.  In Patricia's memoir, her mother's discovery of this third woman in Aldo's life comes after she has met her much older half brothers. At that point Bruna and Olwen have separate lives with Aldo but he has done what he promised and united the children from his two families with the introduction.  The third woman will challenge Bruna's long held assumption that she was "the one."
Patricia tells us that Olwen and Bruna both stopped trusting Aldo.   (160)  Patricia's father visited her and her mother less, a sign that there was trouble, and I imagine especially unnerving because she is so dependent upon him. Bruna knew he'd had "dalliances" in the past too and she'd overheard and seen suspicious things.  Bruna was afraid to make an issue and Patricia's friends also seemed to have fathers who could not be monogamous.  Were all men this way?
The man had nerve.  After hearing that he had set this woman up in an apartment and bought her expensive things including works of art and jewelry, Bruna was shocked to find out that Aldo had taken her out to dinner and introduced her to the new woman without explaining who she was in his life. (161)  She also found photos of the woman on a trip to Palm Beach and wasn't Palm Beach just supposed to be for Bruna and Aldo?
After all the seclusion, after all the privacy that Bruna had complied with and desired, this blonde was being seen all around openly with Aldo.  She had her informants and her notes.  The explosive showdown was now not between the classy Olwen and Bruna, but Bruna and Aldo.  He refused to admit what he was up to until she had an "explosive" argument with him and presented to him the details of all she knew.  Finally, confronted with dates, locations, everything, he admitted he had this other Mistress!
"We were completely on our own with no legal rights." (171)
During crisis Patricia was sent back to boarding school.

*** It's true that Mistresses do not have the legal rights of a wife. I think about why gay people have fought so hard for the right to be legally married.  I think the only way for a Mistress to have legal rights is to become the wife or for us to allow legal marriage to more than one person at a time. I admit this is probably more complicated than the gay marriage issue.

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There are many Mistresses in the Palm Beach area
 and throughout the wealthier areas of Florida.
As well as Palm Springs, California, which is treated as
a suburb of Hollywood.

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I lost a good job due to cut backs at my company months ago. I went on one interview where I wasn't hired but I did get asked out for drinks.  I accepted, thinking this man would have some career advice for me or some leads, or that maybe in the future when there was an appropriate opening at the company he works for he would remember me.  So I met him for drinks and we had a good time.  He's funny.  We started dating.  In the mean time I signed up at a couple temp agencies.  Not much is happening with that.

Jed is divorced and well off.  He is retiring early in a few months and he has offered to pay my rent ahead for a year so I won't loose my apartment and so I can go traveling with him.  He wants to go to Scotland and Italy and travel all around.  All I have to do is go! He says I can chose a third location to target!  He says anywhere.  I've always wanted to see the Great Wall of China!

I'm feeling like I should.  I'll probably work till the day I die and have never had a chance to travel in my life.  I put myself through college waitressing and I put in a lot of overtime at my old company.  My personal savings are not enough to pay my own rent for a year away and I do worry about being out of the marketplace that long but I'm thrilled with the idea. I feel like Jed and I get along well.

Any Opinion?


Dear Alice,

 If you've been grinding at education and work for years, you probably deserve a year off, though I can't predict if that will be held against you when you return and are back to supporting yourself. I wish I knew how long you've been dating Jed and why all you think the two of you get along well, but I'll believe you!  However, sometimes even the best of friends do not make for the best travel companions. Just like sometimes the best of friends don't make the best room mates. I've had both situations not work out well for me.  My best friend who I traveled with clearly didn't want to go alone but dominated the entire trip. I'll admit I let her, but then we were only gone a week. My best friend who I moved in with after college was nothing like the fun person I spent holidays with.
So how about you tell Jed you'd like to do some more local travel and shorter trips to see how you get along.  I like that he's willing to let you choose a location to go to. Run that Great Wall idea past him and see if he's into it. He should understand that you want to keep your relationship and not be together too much all at once.


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Missy's Notes and Quotes from "In the Name of Gucci," a memoir by Patricia Gucci.

Many children find themselves outside of marriage and awaiting visits from a parent. Patricia Gucci was one of those children, because her mother Bruna Palombo was a Mistress, set up first to live in England.  Aldo Gucci, a long married man who Kept Bruna visited them about once a month for a weekend.  Patricia calls these visits "compressed."

Patricia says no sooner he came through the door, her mother would start complaining about her and she would be banished to her bedroom. (133)  She realized in adulthood that her mother was in seclusion for weeks and had a lot to talk to him about.  "She rants, vents, they have a fight and reconcile all in forty-eight hours."  This was their pattern, but finally he would relax and Bruna would spoil him.  She "nurtured him and gave him safe harbor."
"He'd leave and the days were dark. Without his affection, my mother withered like an unattended plant." (136)
Eventually so that Bruna could travel with Aldo, Patricia was put into a boarding school where she found herself with "lots of kindred spirits." She loved it. (137)  When the family moved back to Rome in 1973, Patricia was heartbroken. (149)
When Patricia was ten years old, Bruna finally told her, "Your father has a wife in Italy and three sons," and admitted she wasn't married to him. (151)

*** Are you the child of a Mistress? We'd like to hear your story.

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Notes and Excerpts from PATRICIA GUCCI's book.
In 1963 Patricia was born in England where her father Aldo Gucci, had set up her mother Bruna Palombo, as his Mistress. Bruna wondered if he would not abandon them as while he grew his company, his letters had stopped coming and he didn't see her as much. (101)  But he was there when she was christened in Saint Mary's Catholic Church and his inner circle were there as guests. (102)  Aldo may have lied to the priest. When she was 28 days old they flew back to Rome and a Spanish nanny was assigned to take the baby out in a pram while Bruna lived in secret. (103)

"Olwen (Aldo's wife of 40 years) sent a woman to the Rome apartment to tell Bruna that she knew about her and the baby.  "Signora Gucci feels that it would be in everyone's best interests if you gave up all claim to her husband... If you can't care for your child on your own, Signora Gucci is prepared to take her off your hands..." (104)

"He snapped and went to tell off his wife..."  But Bruna started saving money incase.  A British nanny was hired.  Olwen never interfered again...(107-108)

Bruna felt that close women friends of hers had betrayed her.

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A long way from just shoes and luggage and carry bags... My fashionista friends tell me that fashion shows ignite trends and few people actually wear what's shown on the runway.  They say that models are thought of as "hangers!"  And those of us who are not "stringbean" tall don't always look as good as these models, who I think, male and female, look to be starving and ready to drop!  Fashion shows are incredibly exciting though!


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PATRICIA GUCCI wrote about her childhood,
her mother BRUNA PALOMBO, and her parents relationship in her book,
"In The Name of Gucci."
She has done well after some soul searching as the
acknowledged love child of ALDO GUCCI.

Image from Google Images and appears in the book which is C Patricia Gucci.

BRUNA PALOMBO's story is that of the CLASSIC MISTRESS, the woman who becomes the Mistress of a successful older man when she is young and is financially secure and cared for, for the rest of her life.  She never needs to have another man for all the years that this man is alive and she is financially cared for beyond his death.  She is very much like a traditional wife in that way.  She doesn't have much experience in relationships with men prior to meeting him.  She doesn't feel the need to seek other relationships, even when he does.

Bruna Palombo was seduced by Aldo Gucci, founder of the famous fashion house that specialized in shoes, luggage, carry bags, and accessories, when he was her boss and she was a youthful virgin with a fiancée. She was raised to be a proper Italian girl who would go along with the usual plan of loyalty and faithfulness to just one man but there were red flags that her relationship with her fiancée had been played out and would not result in happiness.

Her mother suspected something was going on between her daughter and Aldo while she was still living at home.  Maybe it was the occasional expensive and fine gift she had been given that she brought home.  Bruna's father died and perhaps it was pragmatic of her mother to not protest too much either when it became clear she would not marry her fiancée and be with Aldo.

Instead of marriage, which he could not offer her since he already was married to his first wife, Olwen Price, with whom Aldo and had three sons, he offered her the next best thing, to be his Mistress. Not long after this he predictably retired her. 

Aldo established a second household and family with Bruno in Britain, where their only child, daughter Patricia, went to school.  He was sure to visit them as much as possible, which was generally about once a month for a long weekend. Patricia says that they were so happy during his visits, but between those visits they just went on with their daily lives, a mother and daughter alone, without that happiness.

Aldo had a secret, and like many men who are the founders of families and family businesses, and are much older than their Mistress, there were employees who knew or suspected what was going on, who were sure to either accept this relationship of his or stay out of his private life. This was none of their business.

The day would come when his wife, the former Olwen Price, and first family would have to accept things as they were, because Aldo acknowledged Patricia. He wanted to live more openly with Bruna.  He wanted Patricia to meet her half brothers and slowly integrate this beautiful and intelligent daughter into the Gucci family business in some way, which he did as she reached adulthood herself and he expanded to America.  As a teenager Patricia went to boarding school and spent summers with friends, so she and her mom were living separate lives. As an adult she felt she had been deprived of love as a child.  She did move forward into becoming a Gucci public relations person, going to events to represent the Gucci company and her father.

Aldo Gucci had also seduced Olwen in 1927 when she was working for a personal assistant to Princess Elizabeth of Romania, who felt obligated to protect her.  It was the princess who had shown up in Florence, Italy to speak to Aldo's father, who had begun the Gucci empire as a small family business of leather luxury goods. His father considered him to be a womanizer and feared he would hurt the family reputation.  Aldo married Olwen.

Patricia describes her mother Bruna as a gentle and perhaps fragile woman who did live for and around Aldo and who appreciated fine things but also hated, but endured, social people and parties.  She was a private and retiring person, who I suspect was also depressed.  Patricia turned out to be the more gregarious person, like her father, whose personality was very much a part of his success.

Olwen Price, Aldo's wife, was also a loyal and faithful Italian woman who did not want a divorce.  The sons were in their forties when Patricia finally met them.  Olwen seemed to be afraid to make an issue of Bruna, accepting that Italian men thought it acceptable to have a mistress. However, she did let Bruna know she knew about her and Patricia, that they were no secret to her. A go between told Bruna it would be best if she turned Patricia over to Olwen's care. So Aldo separated the two women and families by establishing Bruna in England.

Patricia got her independence and lived apart from her parents.  As an adult, she felt her mother had been unable to cope with raising her, that Bruna was dependent on Aldo for absolutely everything and rather helpless.

Eventually the plan was for Olwen to stay in Italy and for Aldo and Bruna to leave Britain and live together in Palm Beach, Florida. This they did. It was as if Bruna was his wife in America.  He publically referred to her as his wife there.  He also managed to stage a marriage ceremony that was questionable.

In November of 1981, twenty five years after they first met, Aldo married Bruna in a hotel suite.  He denied that he had married her to his sons.  Meanwhile, Olwen fought for her marriage. Aldo found out his marriage to Olwen might be invalid but it was, so that invalidated this "marriage" to Bruna. "Someone went to England to obtain the marriage certificate there and seventy-three year old Olwen took it to Rome and recorded the document there." (197) Yet Bruna was not entirely without feeling for Olwen.  She insisted that Aldo call her every Sunday and not neglect her. (198)

For both Olwen and Bruna, who came to accept that they were man sharing and had very different relationships with him, it was the fact that Aldo had yet another Mistress that threatened to unsettle everyone's existence.

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