Sunday, January 30, 2011


Click on the link above to read all about BIGAMY in the Western World! Now a bigamist has married more than one woman - sometimes very many - without ever getting a divorce... It's not legal in the Western World. In some countries, such as Kenya, it is rarely prosecuted.

There is a difference, is there not, with having many wives who do know about each other and having many who do not?!

Friday, January 28, 2011


"I learn to cook one ethnic cuisine outside my own culture well!

Missy here: Some of you may go out to dine quite a bit, and live in a city where there is a plethora of ethnic dining opportunities. Others of you may have to entertain in your own abode. Either way, it's an accomplishment to learn to cook a cuisine well - French, Chinese, Cajun, and to eat well in the home for special occasions. Even those who can afford to go out to eat quite a bit, find it more relaxing to do so, and it is a way to show you care about the very best!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Prenuptial Agreement anyone?

We're reading TOWN and COUNTRY, February 2011 edition, on WHAT IS MARRIAGE NOW? Wow!

This edition is rich with - well people - and subjects we love to read about with subtitles like "How Love and Marriage Have Evolved from Wallis Simpson to Kate Middleton", and "Field Guide to Divorce Lawyers"... I'll be paging through the entire edition looking for a mention of mistresses! - Missy

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Does you man give you a monthly allowance?

Can you count on a certain amount of spending money every month or does he give you money nilly-willy?

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Of special interest to Mistresses!

The Oil Vender and the Courtesan
Tales from the Ming Dynasty
by Feng Menglong
and Translated by Ted Wang and Chen Chen
Welcome Rain Publishers, New York

A wonderful book full of special short stories that have the feel of real life and of special interest to readers of MISTRESS MANIFESTO ! The tale of the title is about a young woman alone who is taken as a young girl into a house of prostitution, which is sounding very similar to the Japanese custom of Geisha.

The story revolves around the character is Miss Lovely, who works for Ninth Mother Wang, the madam. Reluctant to be a prostitute because she comes from a good family, this is the talk that she is given by the madam... on page 11. The italic is mine.

"I was born in a good family," said Miss Lovely," and it only my mischance that I have landed in this house of prostitution. Nothing would make me happier than your helping me find a husband and becoming a decent woman. I would die rather than have to stand at the doorway to welcome and send off patrons with a simpering smile on my lips."

Fourth Mother Liu replied, "becoming a decent woman, or "going straight" as we call it, is indeed the right thing to do. That, I do not gainsay. However, going straight comes in different ways and takes different forms."

Miss Lovely asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Fourth Mother explained. "Well, there is going straight and felicitous going straight. Or going straight may take place when times are still good, or may be done in desperation. Going straight may be final, but it may also be unfulfilled. Bear with me, my child, as I explain these choices to you.

"What is true going straight? The best match is, of course, between a handsome scholar and a beautiful woman. Such a good thing occurs quite infrequently and is indeed rare. But once two such persons are fortunate enough to meet, it is love at first sight, with the man wiling to take the woman, and the woman willing to give herself. With them, it is like the mating of moths that cling together until they die. This is true going straight.

"So what is false going straight? A patron may fall in love with a girl but she does not love him. She has no real wish to marry him but uses the word "marriage" to titillate his passions and have him splurge his money on her. Should a deal be concluded, however, she is likely to seek excuses to go back on it. There are also some single-minded fellows who insist on marrying the girl, even though he knows full well that she has no liking for him. He pays the madam of the house a big sum of money to overcome the girl's objections. She marries him reluctantly, and then purposely flouts the rules of the household in all possible ways, everything from creating scenes and throwing tantrums to openly carrying on with other men. This she does until the family can no longer countenance her, and in a year or even a few months time they drive her out of the house and she goes back to prostitution. Going straight, is in her case, a means to make money, and is false.

"What is bitter going straight? A patron may like a girl who dislikes him but is cowed by his power. The Mother, too, is afraid there will be trouble and agrees to the match. Thereafter, the girl has no more control over her own destiny. She marries with tears in her eyes, and entering the doors of that powerful family is like plunging into a bottomless ocean. The rules of the household are so strict she cannot lift her head. Her position is one of the half-servant and half concubine, up to the day she dies. That is bitter going straight.
"So what is felicitous going straight? That is when a girl who is seeking someone to marry, comes across a man with a mild temper and considerable means. He also has an agreeable first wife who has no children of her own and counts on the girl to give birth to a son after marrying into the family. If the girl does produce an heir, her position will be that of a principal mother. Thus by marrying the man, she can count on a comfortable life today and a good status in future. That is felicitous going straight."What, then, is going straight when times are still good? When the girl is still enjoying a life of moonlight and flowers, when she is still at the height of popularity, she entrusts me with finding a satisfactory husband, having made up her mind to turn her life about before she falls out of favor. This is going straight when times are still good.

"What is going straight in desperation? That is when the girl has no desire to marry but is compelled to do so because of some lawsuit, or because she is suffering abuse at the hands of rich and powerful clients, or because she owes so much money she will never be able to discharge her debts. So she swallows her pride and marries whoever will take her, simply to find refuge and obtain some peace.

"What i is final going straight? That is when the girl who is approaching middle age but is still going strong, meets an honest patron with whom she shares much in common. Both unfurl their sails, and they spend the rest of their years together. That is called final going straight.

"What on the other hand is unfulfilled going straight? It happens when both the man and the girl apparently desire each other with a fiery passion and she goes to live with him. But their loves turn out to be merely a passing fancy, devoid of permanent objectives, and friction arises. Or it may be that the man's parents will not countenance her, or his wife is consumed by jealousy. At any rate, after a number of set-tos, the family sends the girl back to the brothel and demands a refund of the price paid for her. Or, the family may fall on bad times and can no longer provide for her. Unable to bear poverty, she goes back to her old ways, and like a third class whore, resorts to soliciting patrons at restaurants and tea houses. That is called unfulfilled going straight."

Miss lovely asked,"I wish to go straight properly, so how should I do that?"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I hope you'll be turned on when you see the new MOBILE CELL PHONE VIEW of this blog...

Now I know some of  you are finding the CELL PHONE to be a bit vexing.  That's because we all learned from Prince Charles and Camilla that your conversations can be tapped right out of the air when you speak on the phone.  (Do you know what "Charlies" were?) And well, anyone who has lost a phone knows the panic of imagining someone else having your numbers and your text messages... so you have to be vigilant about what you save or erase.  On the other hand, no more looking for phone booths when out walking the dog or having to talk in your walk in closet at home;  you can call or take a call almost anywhere!

Let me know if you like Cell Phone View!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


"Concubines were status symbols in imperial China. After the Communists took power, they sought to root out such bourgeois evils, even as Chairman Mao Tse-tung reportedly kept a harem of peasant women into his old age.

Now, mistresses have become a must-have for party officials, bureaucrats and businessmen.

"We are in a commodity economy," says retired Shanghai University sociologist Liu Dalin.

"Work, technology, love, beauty, power -- it's all tradable."

"So-called concubine villages -- places where lotharios keep "second wives" in comfort and seclusion -- are now spread across the nation, in booming cities such as Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai...." Don Lee, LA TIMES

Read the full article now!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Elizabeth Edward's, ex-wife of John Edwards, has lost her brave battle with cancer, and her personal estate is worth over a million dollars... Eleven days before she died, she signed this will which does not mention her estranged husband, but leaves all her worth to her children, with her oldest daughter as executor.

John Edwards probably has wealth of his own and it is fitting that Elizabeth leave what she has to her three children. Some news reports suggested though that Elizabeth had prevented John from marrying his mistress, with whom he has a 2 year old, Rielle Hunter, but that's stupid. A deceased person cannot prevent living people from marrying or a divorced spouse from marrying.

A person who lives in the public eye, especially if they are running for high office, has no privacy and in modern times it is very difficult to hide an extracurricular love/sex lifestyle.

Elizabeth was publically shamed by her husband and his mistress (something I do not agree with), though we are not sure really what happened first that lead to the public disclosure.

Perhaps this whole news story is privacy invasion and is beyond John Edwards and Reille Hunter not having class.


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Women's tears, according to this Daily News - Los Angeles news article that just came up, are a testosterone turn off for men... Link to this fascinating scientific article by Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer now!

"Those tears send a chemical signal as the man gets close enough to sniff them - even though there's no discernible odor, say researchers from Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science.

"First, some women volunteered to watch a sad movie in the lab and collect their tears in a vial. For a comparison, researchers trickled saline down the women's cheeks and collected those droplets, too.

"Healthy young men couldn't smell a difference between the real tears and the sham ones. Then came a series of tests: The men were given women's photographs to rate. When they sniffed actual tears, they found the women less sexually attractive than when they sniffed saline. And to researchers' surprise, sniffing actual tears didn't make the men empathetic..."

(Missy here! If you cry, let yourself cry!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This month we are looking at a category of mistressing that has taken place in another country and culture, China. The term concubine, is most commonly used.

Fiction and Non-Fiction about "Oriental" Mistresses is read here in the Western world as if these women were and are "other," as if their lives and the way they lived (and live) has nothing to do with ours. Historically Chinese men had many wives as well, and Judaic-Christianity was not the dominating religious factor while Confucius held sway. So came a social system that kept people in check based on where their social positions and the responsibilities that came with it. By today's Western standards Chinese women were some of the most dominated and repressed women ever, women of little value. Now China's one child policy has created a situation in which many men may never marry or father. Some Chinese men are sending to Korea for wives!

Yet, what we have in common with these Chinese mistresses, is what we have in common with all women (and it could be said all people who are not in power), the need to survive and society's dictates which make it difficult at times and sometimes impossible without relationships that involve sex, legal or not, acceptable to the majority or not.

Because Mistressing was not as underground or in the closet there and then in China than it is here and now, wives came to understand the role of mistresses in their lives. For some having a husband who had other wives and/or mistresses was a welcome feature of their married life, for others a misery.

One of the features of multiple wife and/or mistress lifestyle is that with so many women, it is a rare man who can provide for all sexually. Multiple wives in some cultures have reported that they were less "bothered" for sex by their mutual husband, and they had more freedom, independence, and child-care helpers, than women married to one man.

Missy Rapport 2011 C All Rights Reserved Internet and International as well...

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Missy here: I know what you're thinking! How can she possibly come up with MORE MISTRESSES to honor month by month!

I have a number of legendary Mistresses to tell you a little bit about in the coming year. But new, modern mistresses keep coming out of the closet and making news!

Once in a while someone sends me a secret e-mail or comment to tell me about someone they know - or suspect - of being a Mistress.

This year I want to talk about Mistresses CULTURALLY too, so I'm starting 2011 out with a discussion of CHINESE MISTRESSES!

Are Chinese women, legendary as some of the most renown Courtesans and Mistresses on earth NOW BEING IMPORTED into the United States and other countries TO BE MISTRESSES ?

I think so!