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Like Pricilla first, like Linda Thompson before her, GINGER ALDEN lived in with Elvis Presley as a mistress in wait to be a wife, but only Pricilla, who began her wait as a younger teenager, waited long enough and got  legal marriage and had a baby.  Ginger did get a beautiful diamond engagement ring and a diamond studded Tender Loving Care necklace and is known most for being the woman who found Elvis dead.

Elvis liked very young, you could say "unmolded" women and he clearly had a type he liked and you could say created.  When you see pictures of all three of these women you see similarities in their look, enhanced by Elvis' taste in clothing, jewelry, hair styles and makeup, that are very Bling!

Elvis Presley's Fiancé and Last Love
Finally Tells Her Story
by Ginger Alden
Ginger was speaking from her heart when she wrote her story, careful to simply tell only what she knew and experienced as a 20 year old local Memphis beauty who was summoned to meet the 42 year old Elvis in 1977, selected by him to be his immediate girl friend-lover before Linda Thompson was completely moved out, and was, along with her tolerant and agreeable family, showered with expensive gifts that included cars and promises to pay off the mortgage of her mother's house and install a pool in that backyard, and so on.  All she had to do was be on call and agreeable, groomed to be his perfect girl-woman, beautiful but also dominated. But several months into the relationship Elvis died before all promises could be fulfilled.
It's not possible to eliminate Linda Thompson as Elvis' previous mistress from Ginger's story, but Ginger was Elvis' last relationship and it was she who found him dead in the bathroom adjacent to his bedroom hours after he left the bed they shared. There have been some conspiracy theories attached to his death and she was not, after his death, kept innocent of this, while knowing nothing that could help an investigation.
It is because of the terms and conditions of being Elvis' girlfriend-lover that I, more knowledgeable of the ways of men and the world than a 20 year old beauty in 1977, think of Elvis' live-in Graceland TM women as mistresses.  He was one to gift and set up a woman, to have her on call so that she gave up her employment or career ambitions to be there for him.  He provided for himself and her some private space away but close enough as well.   that family members and employees who lived in also or nearby.  That they knew of the relationship(s) doesn't deter me from thinking of Ginger and Pricilla and Linda as mistresses, not at all.  For through history Kings and their courts have also known and lived with and around, as an example, and sometimes ambitious parents offered up their offspring for the honor.  So there is more than one reason Elvis was called "The King."
Elvis loved.  He needed to be loved.
When he bought Linda Thompson a place to live in Los Angeles so she could further her career ambitions, it was mostly a parting gift because Elvis had lost interest.  When he announced from the stage that Ginger was his girlfriend or had her travel with him when he did performances, she is out there in public with him, not a hidden woman any more but revealed to the world.  How different though is that to the more ordinary mistress who has met her man's children, is known to his best friends and secretary, and is seen out with him?
From past reading around Elvis and Pricilla, Pricilla claims that, through they were sexual, she and Elvis waited till marriage to have actual intercourse and she  became pregnant right away.  That is not the case with Linda Thompson and Ginger Alden, and I don't believe the sometimes proffered notion that Elvis Presley had a virgin-whore complex, which is why I just think that during all those years of waiting, Elvis had lost interest in Priscilla.

Contrary to much that has been published on the subject, Ginger does not believe that Elvis was depressed or especially drug addicted in his final months of life.  She acknowledges nightly packets of pills delivered to the bedroom.  He is depicted as controlling, moody, and capable of great giving (which to me is often spontaneous and foolish because it eventually becomes estate breaking.  Elvis' great shows of spending worries some of his retainers and family members who are dependent upon him. 
By summoning beauty queens whose looks he likes to Graceland TM this famous singer and star who emerged from the early days of Rock and Roll in the 1950's, doesn't have to go out to meet women,  have his every move made public and scrutinized, or go through the usual courtship of a woman.  It's more like they are amazed and mesmerized and agreeable and appointed, even if they already have a boyfriend-lover they will have to break up with right away like Ginger did.
How depressed could Elvis be?  Why would he make all these plans for the future if he knew he was sick or dying? After all he was planning to marry her and have a child!  As he had his other mistresses, Elvis told Ginger that he alone would know the right time to marry because GOD would let him know. 
Trust him! 
Through the story, the young Ginger both dares not question Elvis or their compatibility or the effect on the relationship due to their vast age difference, but is always sensitive to evidence of Linda.  Maybe what she had readily agreed to was to be part of a love triangle?

Elvis enjoyed  teaching Ginger and liked her to read to him as they sat in bed.  This was in part because he had glaucoma and his eyes were often irritated and stressed.  Together they read spiritually oriented books.  Elvis had studied karate and also attempted hands on healing.  But there is always the possibility that if he had lived and they had stayed together that she would have become an abused woman. Because in one of his moody shifts of personality he raged and slapped Ginger on the side of her rib cage, saying "No one ever walks out on me when I'm talking!"  Elvis is very much used to and expecting to get his way and capable of anger and punishing behavior when he is questioned. 
 Through this month I'll feature some telling excerpts from the book "Elvis and Ginger" by Ginger Alden.
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"The first person I should love is myself.  I make choices that uphold my self esteem."


"When Harry Met Sally" is an old film but a good one that more than one generation can relate to.

After this film, Meg Ryan became famous for her impersonation of a woman faking an orgasm in a deli at table while acting as "Sally," with her friend acted by Billy Crystal, who was "Harry." 

The theme is that Men and Women can never really be friends, but after many years from the day they met, Harry and Sally, who were very different people, did become friends, supporting each other through a breakup and a divorce, and then have sex.  Harry can't handle it.  They break up and that's when Harry realizes he loves Sally.  It turns out their long friendship - the first he ever had with a woman - was an excellent way to get to know someone and fall in love with them.

You might just want to pop this old film in the DVD player some night when you want to laugh and maybe cry a little.  In the film, Carrie Fisher acts as a best friend who has long been involved with a married man.  She realizes he will never leave his wife when she discovers he has bought his wife an expensive nightgown.  When Sally tries to introduce her to Harry, she finds herself attracted to his best friend instead.  Soon they are living together and then marry.  Both Harry and Sally date others, and if you've been on the dating scene in your early thirties, you may find yourself with some of the same dilemmas.

Listening to Sally with her girlfriends, all who believe it is better to be married and then divorced than never married, up comes the idea that if you do not marry YOUR HUSBAND (the man you were meant to marry) then YOU'LL LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR HUSBAND MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE!

It's funny but a true fear that many women have.  (And maybe many men too?)  Being married to the WRONG person is much worse than not being married at all as I see it.

As for Harry, he tells Sally that there are women who are high maintenance but she is the worst kind, A WOMAN WHO IS HIGH MAINTENANCE but THINKS SHE IS LOW MAINTENANCE.  In other words, her idea of how easy it is to be with her is overblown.

Which brings us to the subject of MAINTENANCE, which sound not very romantic at all, right?

It's about how much you expect, what you need, what your self esteem or maybe upbringing would suggest.  For instance, many of us were brought up that a man is to make all the plans, ask us well in advance (so you can say yes or no and if you say yes be prepared to go, with the proper clothing and equipment, for instance), and that he pays for everything on the date. The dinner, the movie, the ice cream, the gas in the vehicle, which he drives.  In exchange he gets your company, and when you're young, idealistic, religious, or living with your parents, that means company but no sex.  And some men do not like to work too hard to have a woman in their life.  They want to be with someone who is easy to get and easy to keep, maybe because so much else about their life is difficult.

 What is HIGH MAINTENANCE today, at this time in our lives?

I can't really say.  It's so individual.  But we all have a sense of what works for us.

So, not to decide your values for you, but what it really comes down to is that in any relationship, be that friendship, a love relationship, or even the relationship you have with your coworkers and boss, you must feel that you are treated with enough respect.  You don't want to be with people who try to shame you, humiliate you, take credit for your work, or who keep cancelling on you.

I personally have gotten more lax over the years about people being right on time, but I still think they should aim for the right time and call if they are going to be late, and if someone cancels on me as a habit, because they are one of those people who is always wasting other people's time, I usually stop inviting them to go places with me and make my exit of that friendship gently.  I also like making plans.  I don't like people to just stop on in without calling in advance to ask if it would be OK.  I don't like being caught on an off day or when I'm working on something (like this blog) or have the plans I've made for the use of my day to be blasted because of an unexpected visitor. 

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by AMANDA OWEN  C 2014
Tarcher-Penguin Publisher

Missy here.
I picked up this book and started reading and it seemed just the book to pair with the month of February when we place so much importance on Valentine's Day.  Take for example The Ten Featured Skills of a Receiver.

(To paraphrase)
1) Accept a compliment graciously and be genuinely pleased to receive a gift.
2) Regularly express gratitude.
3) Have your attention on the present, not dwelling on the past or fretting about the future.
4) Be a good listener.
5) Be observant.
6) Define a "good" person as a whole person rather than someone who places other people's needs before their own.
7) Do not enable people.
8) Know when to cease activity.
9) Uses information in her environment to make decisions.
10) Don't complain.

I admit that I've struggle with some of these, but that I have gotten better at all of them through the years.

This book values feelings and suggests that you reveal them.

Further, you should not accept or condone unacceptable behavior from others because...

1) You want to keep the peace.
2) Are afraid of conflict.
3) Don't have the energy to follow through if you do bring up the issue.
4) Don't think it will do any good because you tried before.
5) Don't want to admit that you're being treated poorly.
6) Are afraid you'll loose your relationship if you stand up for yourself.
7) You're out of practice of advocating for your own needs.


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Michael Asinow 1998 UCLA Law School   discusses the film which he says was "loosely based on the book by Margaret Rosenthal.


The film correctly reflects the difference in lifestyles between successful courtesans and wives of rich men. Wives were cloistered creatures without education or financial independence, their life devoted entirely to home and family. Courtesans, on the other hand, could mingle freely with the rich and famous, acquire education and wealth of their own, participate in literary, political and intellectual circles, and even publish their work.

Franco was incredibly successful in this milieu; between 1570 and 1580, she edited works of various authors and published books of her poetry as well as epistolary works. She was greatly concerned with the plight of younger women who lacked dowries; her published letters often refer to their plight and her wills left money to help poor women.

Franco’s success inspired extreme jealousy from male courtiers and poets whose position and patronage she greatly threatened. As in the film, a particularly venomous rival was Maffio Venier, a nephew of Franco’s patron Domenico Venier. Maffio repeatedly attacked Franco by name in satirical and often obscene verse. Franco’s poems and letters effectively strike back at Maffio and defend the role of courtesans in Venetian society...