Thursday, December 14, 2017


Lea, acted by Michelle Pfeiffer, is a French, pre- World War I Paris, Bell Epoch courtesan who has, until she meets a certain younger man, she calls Cheri, prideful of not ever really falling in love enough to be hurt.  Cheri was turned over to Lea by a somewhat older courtesan, a bit of a rival, who wants her son to get a good education in sex.  Now that she has fallen in love and done her job well, her rival match-makes her son with an age-appropriate and pure young daughter of yet another Courtesan. 
Lea uses all that she knows about being a woman, sex but not just, to get him back.
Taking place at a time when some Courtesans became wealthy, independent women by investing their money right, we none-the-less realize how small their world and opportunities are.  What they want for their children is a more normal life and a rise into respectability.
Lea wins the young man back. How can he forget his perfect lover when his wife is so, well, inexperienced?  In actuality Lea must turn him away when he comes back to her. an act of the most ferocious, selfless love. Her wisdom as she approaches mid-life is heartbreaking, which is why this is a good, thought-provoking and entertaining film.  And it's great to see the actress Kathy Bates in a role in which she is seductive.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017


Mrs. Erlynne, is acted by Helen Hunt, as the 40ish Serial Mistress who sets her sights on Amalfi, Italy for a season in 1930.  Mrs. Erlynne hasn't actually been married for years and she understands what motivates her and why she has chosen the lifestyle she has, considering the bad reputation she must endure.  Marriages isn't for her; generally, it's boring.

Scarlett Johansson acts as newlywed Meg Windermere who is vacationing with her husband. New to marriage and assured of her status in her set, she's been raised by a relative believing that her mother died when she was young.  Beautiful, trusting and sweet, the town gossips fill her in on the wicked ways of the world, but before her innocence can be robbed from her, Mrs. Erlynne shows up, and the gossip about the woman intrigues her.

Mrs. Erlynne, a Serial Mistress, is also a wise woman. She is quite expert at having men pay her bills - until their wives shut down her lines of credit.  Said to have fled New York and unpaid hotel bills, why is she really in Amalfi?

Is she, as the gossips say, a common prostitute, or a woman trying to make her way up in high society by eventually marrying the right man, someone who can live with her sins?  An

In the end, Mrs. Erlynne decides she will not reveal her important secret to Meg, and allow her to believe her dead mother is her guardian angel.

Helen Hunt's mistress rather aches with repressed emotions.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Are all hairdressers gay?  George *(Warren Beatty) isn't.  In fact women are seduced not only by his beautiful trendy looks, and we presume sexual experise, but because he makes them feel beautiful and look beautiful.  He's one popular guy.  Some of the greatest women in town want private appointments with him, only trusting their hair - and their bodies too sometimes - to him.  Carrie Fisher plays the daughter who quizzes him at a home visit to see if he's sleeping with her mom.

At home he has a girlfriend Jill (Goldie Hawn).

He's sleeping with the wife of the businessman he approaches for financing to open his own salon.  Jill is used to waiting around for him, or going by the salon he works at to see him and being brushed aside. It's not till the end of the film that she asks him to move out because he admits that he sleeps around. He thinks sleeping around is part of his job. 

Jill is shocked but behaves in a noble manner, even if it is the 1960's.  Called "one of the American Film Institutes Funniest Movies" to that date, and nominated for four Academy Awards, I didn't quite get that this was a racy farce.  George isn't just sleeping with the investors wife, but also his mistress - Julie Christie's character.

Now here is what I noted while viewing the film, which is still a very popular one to borrow or rent:

The business man Lester's mistress - Christie - used to be George's girlfriend and they still like each other and are sexually attracted to each other - but being pragmatic, she's moved on him because he can support her.  As George becomes more frantic to own his own salon, he begins to part from Jill, saying that she needs someone who can "Take care of her."  Finances are supreme in his mind.

One gets the impression that perhaps when George is through with a woman or she is through with him, he releases his responsibility by urging her to a richer man. Of course George isn't doing so bad even if he's just the hottest hairdresser in town at one of the busiest and best salons.

This film's worth a watch because it got all that acclaim years ago!

Through the years I've heard that the George character was based on hairdresser Jay Sebring who was eventually killed by the Manson Murderers along with actress Sharon Tate.  Can't prove it, but thought that was interesting. If so, I'll bet the detectives considered that the murderer might be a man jealous over a woman.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017


Run the word Mistress into your public library database and up will come a whole lot of fiction, depictions of Mistresses as strong women, ruled by desire and ruled by a need to compete with other women and win/deserve the love of a man worth waiting for. 

No doubt about it, many women have a fantasy of becoming a Mistress.  For some an escape fantasy.  From dreary job prospects, from a so-so marriage, from boredom. 

Coming up, I'm going to review three "Mistress Films" that you might enjoy seeing, and then I'm personally going to kick back.