Monday, June 20, 2016


"Sentimentality can hold me back from moving on. We all have memories, but I'm careful not to overturn the truth when I do remember my past."
Bet you thought sentimentality was a good thing.  But by definition the word means excessive sadness or nostalgia, meaning its a bit much already, it's inaccurate, making something out to be something that it wasn't.

As a mundane example, I have never understood Class Reunions.  High school in particular.  Maybe back in the day when finishing High School was a big deal it would make more sense, but don't we keep in touch with the friends we used to know because we're still friends with them?  A few years ago an old friend of mine went, and her real reason was that she's now selling real estate.  People have become potential clients to her, wherever she goes. Knowing that is true, I've not felt as if our friendship is as special or valuable as it once was.

But whatever the past was or is to you know, don't rewrite history!

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