Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"If I'm involved in domestic violence, I will find help to stop accepting or perpetrating this behavior."

Domestic violence - physical or verbal, hurts a person's self esteem and often, if it is severe enough or goes on for a long time - makes it difficult for a person to leave.   Even snide remarks can wound.  Domestic violence effects people from all ethnicities, races, religions, and classes.  Being well off or rich doesn't mean you are safe from it. 

While what we hear about most is men abusing women there are women who "fight back" or who do the abusing.  When children see their parents batter each other or when children see mom's boyfriend beating her, they are liable to do the same behavior to their own children and girlfriends.

Your home and those you live with should be a sanctuary.  Everyone gets upset or angry from time to and needs to express it, but not inappropriately.  Some people need to learn anger management.  Some need to go to rehab.  Some need to be removed from the home.

Self assess.  If you are a victim or a perpetrator, reach out for help to change.

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