Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Donald Trump is our next President of the United States, our 45th.  I've read around this past years election like no other election year, was not a Trump supporter, and have some serious concerns about what will happen when he and the Republican conservatives he will surround himself with, will do about women's issues, such as the right to get contraception, Choose abortion (which should be affordable), and so much else.

To stay on topic though, let me say that his appeal is in his promise of a new prosperity for the United States, something that I'm all for.  However, I'm not sure if to Republicans this means not only FULL EMPLOYMENT but LIVABLE COST OF LIVING WAGES.

Several people I know who have college educations and once had nice careers have been unemployed for years and are only eating enough because they get SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits.  I suspect that during Trumps administration, this thrice married man and alleged womanizer and sexist (who is a feminist when it comes to his daughters and their education, careers, and businesses), will, with the help of the conservative cast he has assembled around him, manage to create conditions in which there will be more mistresses than ever. And I'm convinced that if ever the truth could be revealed we'd find more Republicans have mistresses than Democrats!

These mistresses won't all be involved with married men but they will be Kept just the same, perhaps not in the Classic Mistress manner, but Kept.  Busy and wealthy,  the men who keep mistresses will delight in having a person and place to come home to that is an escape from all that Washington.

As we enter into renewed prosperity, if the business men who dominate his cabinet reinforce sexism in the workplace and in life in general, the men's income will go up, and women's will go down, creating a perfect scenario for women needing some financial help, some to survive.

May I suggest that in an attempt to deal with these conditions, more women than ever will leave men who do not make good incomes and more women than ever will go back to traditional dating rituals, such as remaining virgins until marriage or celibate between committed, serious, marriage prone relationships, expecting men to ask them out, make all the arrangements and pay for the dates?

You see, some people, including The Rules for Dating Girls, Ellen and Sherry, have long believed that when it comes to romance, it is only right to let gender considerations determine who does what, such as who is the pursuer. If a man cannot afford to impress a woman with his personality, manners, education, income, and potential to rise in life, he cannot date at all.

One of the many benefits of the feminist movement for men is women taking some responsibility for these traditional male roles.

When a man is a millionaire or billionaire (remember Trump's promise to reveal his tax returns?), he can afford a harem, which is what a man like Trump would do if he were in say, Saudi Arabia.  Here in the U.S.A, we expect people to divorce a spouse rather than keep him or her around when things aren't going well.  Trump has Ivana, Marla, and now Melania, all tied to him by children. It's as harem as it's going to get for the U.S.A.
However, it used to be that a divorced man could not expect to win the White House. The American public has wanted married men who stay married and seem to love their one wife and families as their President.  As such, Presidents who did womanize or have affairs or mistresses, kept their wives.

I wish the Clintons had been able to say, "We are dedicated to staying married, but we have an agreement that we can fool around."  That certainly seems to have been the case. I think it hurt Hillary Clinton that she stayed with her cheating husband after they left the White House. The woman has been called a lesbian, hated, cold, and a number of other adjectives that dismiss that she's worked hard in her professional life to make good things happen for average people. Yet it seems the era of the Clintons is over.

At the end of four years I think President Trump will be humbled and the country will be geared up for a revolution that ends the Republicans for good.  Other parties will begin to form and stand on different, more reality-based platforms.


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