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"Seduce and Sin With Your Spouse"

If you are a MARRIED COUPLE, it's KOSHER (OK) to play at FANTASY ADULTERY to keep your romance, or perhaps more accurately, the married sex, interesting.  So says this American Orthodox rabbi, who has authored 30 books, has media presence, and is a public speaker. He also wrote, Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, published in 1999, which was quite successful.

I'll just give you the ideas he presents in his book:  You can play at sex by pretending to be different people.  You can write secret love letters, as if from other people...  (As I was reading this I was thinking of one friend of mine who seemed to get a rise out of her husband every time she mentioned that she went somewhere (the grocery store - anywhere she went without him) and some strange man was looking at her, or tried to pick her up.  She's pretty but she mostly lied to make him jealous!  Since I hate things like that being done to me, manipulations, I myself would never do this!)

But I have to tell you, I think what the Rabbi recommends is the slippery slope to actual cheating. I think this is what the ASHLEY MADISON SCANDAL has been about.  I still think that many, if not most of the people who actually paid a MEMBERSHIP to go look around and see who they might cheat with on that site, were having a FANTASY.  Tell you what.  Men used to just go out to lunch, sit in the town square, and watch the pretty girls go by.  (Being married never stopped people from noticing other people's beauty or being attracted to others.  You can always "Window Shop" but not "Buy" they used to say.)

I wonder... Is sex really so important?

My opinion is, it's more civilized to have a Mistress, than sleep around. I wonder, is all this fantasy just the "slippery slope" to real adultery?

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