Sunday, February 7, 2016


"I am elegant in my manner and appearance."

Elegance is defined by one dictionary as "the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner." 

Isadora Duncan, because of the physical practice of her personal philosophy of movement and dance, was graceful on her feet, flowing and light even when she was overweight.  For most of us being at a good weight is an advantage when it comes to free movement and balance, but being elegant is also about 'less is more." 

I think that the Plus Size movement is very good because women who are average build or a bit bigger have for years been plagued with some of the worst, badly cut, overly patterned and colored garments one could buy.  It's as if the designers have thought that they could disguise a bigger body by making it even more overwhelming to see.

Perhaps when you dress for the evening especially, be concerned that you don't overdo it with ornaments of ruffles, frills, overwhelming patterns and colors and then make it all worse with too much or wrong jewelry and hair ornaments.  What people should see first is you, your face, not your clothing.  This is why a simple formal gown that shows off your face is often the most elegant or a dress well cut and fitting made of one color fabric, with just one piece of jewelry - choose earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet - but just ONE - may show you off to the best effect.  If you wear glasses or have multicolored hair, you simply must take those into consideration as you count all the distractions you are wearing.  A beautiful pair of sun or prescription glasses counts as a jewelry item.

Have you ever heard, "Get all dressed and take one item off?"  Well, here is a simple formula.  At any one time you should not have more than a count of 9 on.  Each item counts as 1 but patterned items count as two.  So, hair, glasses, earrings is three.  Shoes that are simple and plain are four.  Unpatterned simple bag is five.  Carrying more than one bag?  Count one for each. You get the idea.  Wearing your hair simply, a classic evening dress, shoes, a small bag in a texture on texture or same bead colored pattern, allows you five more points for jewelry and perhaps a live flower.

Photographs of celebrities on the Red Carpet and other events that are featured in magazines are not to be trusted, even when the photo comes with complimentary or critical judgment.  WHY?

The photograph is one view, a picture, often enhanced or shopped, and not the same as meeting that person wearing that dress at all.  Let me say that almost always the celebrity is more beautiful in person than they photograph, that you might not even notice their dress so engaged are you with their true visage, but also their charm, charisma, personality, and manners.  (Sadly, in some cases with their acting out, bad language, and narcissism!)  I've met a few of these people and there is really something to be said for their special energy or "star power" that is obvious and intriguing.

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