Tuesday, January 12, 2016


"I will research to find out if my pay is competitive, within my company and within my field."

Missy here!  I remember the day that my boss at a horrible job I held, badly underpaid, decided that my researching this very thing was an act of disloyalty to him and the company.  The company was making a fortune.  I could barely keep my used car going.   What a jerk!  One of the women who held a higher position than me but who was on commission told me that researching comparative pay was the first step in asking for a raise. How would I know if I was being reasonable or not?

Alas, I must tell you that this could happen to you too, but the year is new and your future is bright, so the very least you can do is find out this information.  It's easier these days because so much is published about job skills, college degrees, and pay.  And Hollywood woman actors are saying that they are paid incredibly less than men actors even when they are at the top and the peak.

That said, if you LOVE your job, and your pay is livable, you may have to do a little Clara Bow kind of thinking and decide how much you work for a living and how much you don't think of it as work because you love it!

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