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When I began this month, focusing on Patricia Sikora, I mentioned the Kardashians as the famous for being famous sisters.  I've never watched any reality TV.  But it's difficult, if you're at all interested in popular culture, to not have come across the name and the fame. 

I wonder "How does one become famous for being famous?"  MOMAGER Kris Kardashian Jenner is the person responsible for bringing fame and fortune to her children from two marriages.  Khloe is one of them.  A few years back, after a reportedly whirl wind romance of about 30 days, she married a star basketball athlete named Lamar Odom and the wedding was televised on the show.  Now an ex player with a fortune of at least $30 million dollars, his career has been effected by his use of illegal drugs and he is on the slide down. Their marriage has been reportedly fraught with his cheating and his drug addiction and so about four years into it, she filed for divorce.  The divorce papers were signed by both Lamar and Khloe but the judge hasn't signed them and so when tragedy struck a few days ago, they were still legally married. *** This means that Khloe gets to make medical decisions, such as possibly taking him off life support, and I imagine that financially it could all be ... very interesting.  If he dies, does she get all his money?  If he lives does she dare go through with the divorce?

MY ADVICE:  SHE SHOULD.  Get out of there honey!

As I write this Lamar Odom is in a hospital in Nevada where a possible drug overdose has put him into a coma. I've read about two dozen articles around this situation and the Kardashians are under fire.   Some of them are even being blamed for triggering his latest bender.  WHAT HUMILIATION HE HAS BROUGHT TO HIS WIFE AND THE FAMILY.

He has reportedly spent $75,000 at a legal brothel in Nevada, taking herbal Viagra plus shooting up, entertaining two prostitutes over about four days.  That's what I call whoring around.

I think a woman is better off sharing one man with another woman than with a man who whores around.

The Kardashians have also trooped to Nevada to see him, pray for him, or to speak to him with hopes that he can hear them while in a coma. And they reportedly have sent specialists to treat him.

The news articles are piggy backing on each other and depending on the source and what you can believe, he is or isn't going to die, live disabled and brain damaged, or make a full recovery.  Khloe has not left his side and is supposed to be sleeping next to him on the floor in a sleeping bag.  I don't know anything about this woman really, but as a woman I can have empathy for her.  Most likely she has been on her way out of the marriage and maybe even dating others, but now she is pulled back into the relationship out of love or guilt or responsibility.

I also don't know much about Lamar but I don't have to. That he's a druggie is enough. IF YOU'RE READING THIS and you're a drug addict yourself or involved with one, then I have to give you some advice.  Stop using your drugs.  Get help.  Get out of that relationship!

Drug addicts bring way too much stress and drama to a relationship.  When you're involved with one you're on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as they go in and out of drug addiction remission - rehabs - and all the rest.  While high or zonked out or otherwise not themselves they often loose their sense of right and wrong.  They expect to be understood, to blame their disease, but where does that leave you?  They are notorious liars and manipulators.  How do I know this?  I have been told so many times over by addicts in recovery and the people who love them, people in Twelve Step programs, people who somehow got over their addictions without help, people in therapy to process the pain of the involvement.  One man never told his wife he had salary increase of $20,000 a year during their marriage because that was his cocaine budget and she never suspected, while meanwhile she was driving a broken down car.

Luckily I've never been an addict or experimented with any illegal substance other than grass, and that was a few times and many years ago.  I'm for medical marijuana.  But not being in a relationship with an addict is about trying to be smart.  Since addicts are manipulative you can sometimes be in a relationship with one for a long time before realizing this is the case, the problem, why the person is often ducking out, or not showing up when they say they will, or going through their money, or your money, or a nowhere parent, or failing school, or loosing jobs...

So I hope Khloe will have the strength to get through this difficult time and then... MOVE ON!


*** UPDATE: I have learned that Khloe and Lamar have withdrawn their divorce papers, that she has broken with the man she was dating, and she intends to see him through rehab.

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