Thursday, January 22, 2015


"I will not apply cosmetics in public, especially not at a dining table, and I will not comment on cosmetic surgery in public either."

Seeing a woman putting on mascara while in slow moving traffic the other day made me think that she was a hazard on the road, never mind being distracted by cell phones.  Who needs extra coats of mascara that much?

Then I thought about those women who are at a dining table, be it a dinner party or in a restaurant, who lift up a knife and use it as a mirror to check their lipstick, the women who put on lipstick just to leave cheap looking smears on it on wine glasses and coffee mugs and cigarette butts, and those women who pull out a compact to check their makeup who seem so self absorbed when they do that.

So instead, go to the ladies room to blot your lipstick (even if it claims to be one of those that lasts 8, 12, 24 hours) before you dine and return there to reapply before you leave, if you feel the need.  Wear natural colors that smooth and moisturize your lips rather than dramatically color them.  Do a good job of putting on your cosmetics before you leave the house, and that means for day wear or casual wear not overdoing it. 

Finally, never comment on someone's cosmetic surgery in public, even if you mean to compliment them.  That is to call attention to them and their surgery when they may not feel like talking about it.  After all, some of them really think they can fool you into thinking those dramatic results came from a week at a spa or the latest expensive cream.

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