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(Hey, he looks even better with Clark Kent glasses on!)

Before my time, but the SUPERMAN television show had quite the following in it's time which was the 1950's. GEORGE REEVES (born George Brewer - Bessolo), the actor who played Superman, which was also a comic book series and which has inspired more than one movie about the good deeds of the Super Hero! including a new movie that will be out any day, ended up either a suicide or a murder. 

A movie called HOLLYWOODLAND, was all about him and the lady, Camille "Toni" Lanier Mannix who kept him.  Toni was the wife of a movie studio mogul who also kept a mistress. 

Like many female mistresses who did (and do) work for a living, George may've been into it in part because Toni Mannix could make life better for him.  The wife of Eddie Mannix, Toni was an ex Broadway actor who came to Hollywood to be in a movie.  Instead she got a husband who retired her.  He provided well.  She was aware that her husband kept a mistress, a beautiful Japanese woman,  and they had a deal, or so it seems, because his money was also hers.  She gave George the down payment for a house in the canyon, a nice car, good interior design and furnishings... a better life. 

Toni was an older woman to George.  And according to the movie she helped him get the role of Superman.  The book "Hollywood Krptonite, which I'll be quoting from, suggests otherwise.  Over 200 actors tried for the role.  George thought it would be a temporary gig but soon enough he was sick and tired of what Superman had done to his career as well as older dominating women, such as his mother (and Toni?).  George had the nerve to get himself engaged to another woman. 

He was shot and killed soon before he was to marry Lenore.  In his will he left everything to Toni and nothing to his fiancee. 

But who pulled the trigger?

Who doesn't love a mystery?

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