Sunday, August 12, 2012


"I know how to keep a secret!"

There are secrets you shouldn't keep. If someone is in danger for their life or sanity, because they are being abused, that's a sick secret. The Penn State molestation revelations are an example of many people keep sick secrets that allowed the molestations to go on, all in the name of school reputation and the pursuit of football.

However, in life there are many secrets that you keep simply out of loyalty to a friend who has confided in you and secrets you keep out of loyalty to yourself.

These days most people don't have much privacy or respect privacy like they did even 20 years ago. It's almost as if the common person has come to not know or realize that they do have and should have a private life. Strangers, or people who are not close friends seem to think that they can ask you anything and are entitled to answers.

Not everyone wants to live as if their every move was being recorded on videotape or like on a Reality TV show.

Additionally, we have forgotten to keep our own council. If your relationship must remain private and you are not up to keeping it private, this is not a relationship for you. Remember that it is not your place as a mistress to "out" your man. It is up to him to tell his wife, if and when he thinks it best. Some wives may give a phone call to let you know where they stand, but don't you call them. SIMPLY, it is NOT YOUR PLACE!

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