Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I think PRIVACY is a major issue for all of us, but perhaps especially for Mistresses, those women (and sometimes men who I call Mantresses) who have relationships ongoing with men who they are not married to, who are often married legally to someone else.  (I note that you don't have to be committing adultery to be Kept or to be Kept.)  At the beginning of this month, I elected the "girlfriend" of Edward Snowden, Lindsay Mills, as an honorary mistress of the month.  I think that Lindsay's relationship with Edward has a lot of mistress characteristics, in particular that he has provided financial support, adventure, and she has made living with him in numerous locations around the world - now reportedly Russia, over her own dancer career.  She has provided support to Edward emotionally, and other unsaid benefits to having a girlfriend.  But there is no adultery apparent in their relationship.  Not only are they not married to others, they are not married to each other.  So I promised you I would write a review after I got my copy.

Last night I saw the film SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone for the first time. I was disappointed that the story cut off before the "stuck in the Russian International Terminal" episode because by ending before this the references to assistance by Julian Assange/WikiLeaks/Sarah Harrison is omitted, and so much else.  Because Stone says their relationship is extremely important to the film, I frankly expected to see more of it. the film shows their first in person meeting after connecting through a web site called GeekMate in Washington DC, and makes certain that we know they have both been surrounded by family members and friends who work for the U.S. Government. However there is a dramatic scene of a loud argument between them in which Edward is the workaholic and financial support and responsible one who says she lives in a "fairytale."

In another scene, Edward suggests she go home to her parents. Which she does.

However, the bonus interview was a bit more interesting.  Edward Snowden says the argument scene makes him look like the world's worst boyfriend.  He also compliments Lindsay exceedingly for forgiving him, understanding him, and continuing to be supportive of him by not quitting their relationship and being there in Russia for him.  I would have loved it if Lindsay had also been interviewed live from Russia.  I just don't know that the actress Shailene Woodley "became" Lindsay Mills or not.  There are many photos of Lindsay on the Internet and on YouTube, many she owns or originally posted.  But I have no sense of her personality really.

I completely agree with the statements Edward Snowden makes about the VALUE OF PRIVACY and the difference between what you CHOOSE to put on the Internet and someone else does.  He says our lack of privacy due to the Internet in general, e-mail, cell phones, and much else recording us has caused us to LOOSE THE ABILITY TO MAKE MISTAKES.

I the last few days, I attended a meeting where a photographer showed up and the person leading the meeting gave casual permission, jokingly to photo us.  I went with it but later worried about how I might appear and that the photo might be used out of context with the purpose for the meeting.  Yesterday as I talked to my neighbor as he watered his lawn, another neighbor who is a wedding photographer decided to practice his drone photography by hovering over us.  Of course, without our permission.  My neighbor mentioned using drones for photography was now popular for wedding photographers.  I must be getting more old fashioned by the moment.  I dislike photographers inside wedding ceremonies and think the wedding party should go take photos elsewhere, such as a studio, like they used to.  When someone brags to me about photographing or videoing the birth of their child I think "is nothing sacred?"

So, I thought Oliver Stone did a good job of presenting to us a likeable and believable Edward Snowden, a Patriot, and a Whistleblower, which is opposite that Edward Snowden portrayed by Edward Epstein in his book which I talked about earlier this month.  The film is very popular.  I was on a wait list of several hundred people with over 50 copies making the rounds.


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