Friday, May 26, 2017


"I give it thought and decide when not to wait."

Have you ever heard the saying, "Timing is everything?"  It means that everything else is quite good, but ultimately what ever it is - a new film or music album to be launched - an invention to be financed - a relationship that should turn into a marriage -  a job you'd be proud to have on your resume - instead fails to thrive or succeed because it was the wrong time for it - too early - too late - never meant to be.

Many people have met someone so right for them that they felt themselves falling in love, then found out the person wasn't truly available because they were not even divorced yet, and hung in there hoping that that by putting in time, the day would come.  Sometimes it does!

Many people have found themselves waiting for a promised promotion that suddenly gets all turned around because the person they were to replaced decided not to retire, or the company itself goes bankrupt.

So there you are, qualified, ready, and you know what you want.  You don't want to believe you can't have what you want, and you've already put in so much effort, energy, time, you are sure you deserve it. 
You may have redirected your entire life for this goal. 
How do you know when waiting is not worth it? 
How do you know how much more time to give?

Every situation is so very different, that I can't pull a single number out of hat.  I've heard it said that a band should give the music business ten years, and then if they haven't made it, give up.  I've heard a decade is a good try for becoming a famous actor.  We know that there are lots of exceptions to these rules including people who have maybe not "made it," but who still love what they do and need to do it so much that they can be found playing small clubs all over the country and  acting in summer theatre in their town.  And some people feel it is worth it for them to have love in their life, even if they must share someone, than not at all.

So your decision must come not only at looking at the cold, hard facts, but accepting how it is you feel, and if you feel frustrated, bored, depressed, or, if you're loosing sleep, chances are you should have been out of there YESTERDAY!  Not that any of us can be happy all the time, but do ask yourself if you are fulfilled most of the time.  If you've had a long good run and are in a rough patch, maybe it's temporary?


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