Monday, November 28, 2016


"I need my sleep.  If it means changing my lifestyle to get enough deep and restful sleep I'll do it."

Sleep deprivation hurts your health.  It hurts your life.  And it's extremely common.  Many of us run on empty and end up ill.  You need your zzzz's to cope with stress but when stress wins it can keep you up.  How many hours of sleep are you getting?  How many hours do you need?  Some can function on 6, others need 9.  Meditation or other forms of deep relaxation may help you cope and actually lessen the hours you need to sleep. Go to bed earlier or get up later. Try for just one more hour.

Could it be that you're exposed to too much light?  (Your body needs the darkness to make natural melatonin.)

Could it be that you watch films or listen to news or read things that are upsetting?

Are the problems you face in life keeping you up?  Is it possible that you can sleep, giving them up till morning when they will still be there?

Try to find ways to deal with sleep deprivation without resorting to pills!

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