Monday, March 7, 2016


From BEAUTIFUL BAD GIRL by Gorden Basichis

Page 32  (Alfred has died and she has begun to work on her memoir with Basichis.)

Vicki thinks rich men marry women to perpetuate the family and that these wives have charities to keep them busy, while the men hang out with each other.  About the men

"A few of the braver souls will keep a mistress like Alfred did.  Only Alfred gave me the kind of money the rest don't even dream of.  I'm the last of the breed.  Alfred saw to it.  There's only four - five other women that I know of - even heard of - who get the kind of money that I got from Alfred.

Page 52  NOTES Alfred's seduction of Vicki into mistresshood.  She has already participated in S and M sex scenes with him and hookers.

He told her that she was special. 
"Any man can see it, but I'm the one to bring it out.  Vicki, do you know what a mistress is?

He "patiently" defined the role of a mistress.  He explained that she was like a second wife to a man and that she was always taken care of.  There was security and longevity, far often the relationship between a man and his mistress lasted longer than his marriage.  There was passion and caring, a home away from home.

Alfred told Vicki to forget her husband.  "You have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life."  He also promises that she does not have to do the S and M, if there is anything she doesn't like.

Page 60 
"Vicki was quite adept at these transitions, having learned from years of avoiding embarrassing questions regarding the source of her apparent wealth.  She believed it was to her advantage that no one ever knew everything.  From Alfred she learned to avoid being pinpointed.  From her own experiences she thought too much explanation was senseless since she'd never be fully understood.  So to protect herself, Vicki kept many things secret and ommitt4ed portions of others so that what she did reveal was imparted through selected vignettes.

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