Tuesday, March 29, 2016


"I make every effort to cherish my best friends."

Was recently reading an article about friendship in the newspaper.  Turns out the lifelong friend is a rarity and that there's a turn over of friends so that if you look back ten years you'll find that your set is entirely different.  Faster paced, jam-packed life styles is part of it, and changes in the time of life, employment, and much else can effect how we make - and keep - friends.

So, never mind all your social networking, or your contacts in your cell phone (or if you're very retro, your Rolodex), who are those rare friends that you can call your BEST?  I have to tell you that most people find themselves lucky to have one, and three best friends is amazing! 

So think about those people who have consistently proven themselves to you, to respect you, love you, want the best for you, and be there for you in a crisis!

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