Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hello my faithful readers!

I want to thank you for reading MISTRESS MANIFESTO - BLOGSPOT, my pet project for some years now, that focuses on the unconventional and alternative lifestyles of the Mistress and various others who don't restrict themselves to traditional two-partner marriage, while trying to define the term "mistress" in the here and now. 

2015 was another successful year for this Blog and, as I've said before, I will continue to write it so long as I'm learning and enjoying myself at the same time.  I'm so glad there are many mistress-interested readers out there!

This time of year - the Holidays - is generally a down-time for most blogs.  People don't have as much time to read them or write them as we race to complete a year and get to the next one, often with much celebration in the process.  That's why in December I take a vacation from the Mistress of the Month thematics and get into the holidays too.

But I do have some good candidates for Mistresses of the Month for 2016, so I hope however busy you are, you will at least bookmark this site and come back in January!

I look at what the Google Analytics is telling me about my reader's interests but, I have to say that at this point I think that the hits are heavily influenced by what a particular search engine chooses to feature under the heading MISTRESS MANIFESTO.  My all time hit-making post at this point is the one on the two women who called themselves the wife of deceased rock star-singer-poet JIM MORRISON of THE DOORS.  I may have outdone myself on that subject, but there are plenty of other interesting topics in the archives.

Overall, it seems my readers are more interested in 20th and 21st century mistresses than the women who were kept by Kings in previous centuries, and while I think the HISTORY of Courtesans and Kept Women is important to our understanding of women's roles in and surrounding marriage, and I don't forget that gay people keep and are kept too, I will try to keep that in mind as I select candidates to write about in 2016.  I'm going to keep running the GUIDE so new readers can go back to the months they feel most interested in.

Someone asked me recently how far in advance I work this blog.  The truth is that, while I have postponed a featured subject once or twice, and have cancelled one because I became unconvinced that she was a mistress and it was just the press erroneously using the term on anyone who has ever had a fling or affair,  and always have ideas and am in the process of reading around someone, I  tend not to make final decisions until very close to the beginning of a month.  The most delayed subject was the Mistresses of comedian Bob Hope, which I finally did this past year after a couple years of holding off.

Let's get moving towards these last weeks of the year, as the days become shorter and the nights darker.   This month I'll do a review of a book I've had in my personal collection for some time that I think all Mistresses and Mistress-interested people should read and discuss a famous classic movie that features a kept man and a woman who has several men contributing to her support.

I wish you happy ones, full of sweet romance and longing!


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