Sunday, December 27, 2015


"I may be very busy, but I must create time for my spiritual self, even if it's just 20 minutes a day!"

A stereotype of mistresses is that they have little of importance to do (other than body and beauty maintenance) and that they mostly do a lot of waiting around for their man to visit.
While that's true for some, today all it takes to qualify as overbusy is to be a woman. 

TIME in itself is often easy to schedule. You can get up fifteen minutes earlier or maybe use the time you sit waiting in traffic on the freeway to some good use, you think.  But the time for the spiritual self is not so easy to find.  Because this time must be focused only on you, and your relationship to a Higher Power, the Great Spirit, or God, or Goddess, or perhaps your angel, however you may name it or think of it.  Many women find themselves too frazzled and anxious to meditate,  they feel worried, and their prayers are mostly for other people.

As you make your resolutions for 2016, think about your spirituality.  Everyone has potential for it, no matter what their life is.

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