Sunday, September 6, 2015


 "There's nothing hotter than being YOU!"
SMITTEN BOOK OFFICIAL SITE  Authors Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld

I went off to my public library and ordered in several books on flirting.  This one was my favorite!

SMITTEN reveals an interesting FLIRTING PHILOSOPHY.

Be a self actualizing woman and you can communicate authentically, about yourself, while expressing true interest in others.  The authors will explain to you how to draw boundaries so that you can "handle" men who come on to you rudely, such as the Touchy-Feely, the Inappropriate Inquirer, The Degrading Flatter, the Spatial Smotherer, and the Dance-Floor Predator.  For the Inappropriate Inquirer try "Well, that's a bold thing to ask.  It seems etiquette has eluded you this evening, hmmm?"  (Page 78)  "Because Smitten techniques will cause all sorts of men to desire your affections, we strongly encourage you to get very specific about your wants/needs/values in advance."  (Page 89)  The 8 "earthshaking techniques include  THE QUIRKY QUESTION. UNINHIBITED ENTHUSIASM, REVEALING INTELLIGENCE, PURELY PINK, SECRET THOUGHTS, DECISIVE DECISIONS, the SMUTTY MOUTH, and the SECOND OF SILENCE.

"The point of paying creative attention to  your look is not so that others will be awed by your genius ability to gain fashion inspiration from a cracked-up, washed-up oyster shell. Dressing in this way infuses your outfit with life.  It lets others get a glimpse of your distinctive vibrations, the particular pathways of your mind, your singular artistic aesthetic..."
(Page 66)

"As you become an increasingly brilliant flirt, it is inevitable that others will be drawn in by your undeniable radiance.  That is, of course, the point, but all this magnetism can result in various spatial, emotional, and sexual infringements - putting your personal boundaries to the test."
(Page 74)

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