Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Watch" PAN AM" - the TELEVISION SERIES - on DVD if you missed it on the TV.

I loved the TV series, which you can now watch all 14 episodes of on DVD, and which is set in the "Jet Age" and involves Cold War Spying, romances between pilots and mistresses, affairs in foreign places, in these pre-feminist revolution times when some women wanted a career and a man.  Checked YouTube and you can also watch an entire show on there.

Christina Ricci had the lead role as one of Pan Am's extremely accomplished stewardesses, women who had to be fluent in languages, educated, sophisticated, and know how to handle a myriad of crisis on board and off.  (And yes, I'm aware that people in this job are now called Flight Attendants, be they male or female, and that some men also love the job.)

The DVD set includes some special features including a short interview tithe former Pan Am Stewardess and Executive producer Nancy Hult Gains, and a reality check about the real lives of stewardesses in the era before air travel became mundane and discounted.

Here's the real deal, a Pan American Airlines promo!

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