Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Notes and Excerpts from PATRICIA GUCCI's book.
In 1963 Patricia was born in England where her father Aldo Gucci, had set up her mother Bruna Palombo, as his Mistress. Bruna wondered if he would not abandon them as while he grew his company, his letters had stopped coming and he didn't see her as much. (101)  But he was there when she was christened in Saint Mary's Catholic Church and his inner circle were there as guests. (102)  Aldo may have lied to the priest. When she was 28 days old they flew back to Rome and a Spanish nanny was assigned to take the baby out in a pram while Bruna lived in secret. (103)

"Olwen (Aldo's wife of 40 years) sent a woman to the Rome apartment to tell Bruna that she knew about her and the baby.  "Signora Gucci feels that it would be in everyone's best interests if you gave up all claim to her husband... If you can't care for your child on your own, Signora Gucci is prepared to take her off your hands..." (104)

"He snapped and went to tell off his wife..."  But Bruna started saving money incase.  A British nanny was hired.  Olwen never interfered again...(107-108)

Bruna felt that close women friends of hers had betrayed her.

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