Saturday, July 22, 2017


How to phrase that question?
One of my friends says to call her BLACK, that "African-American" is passé.  But then there are Black people (or "people of color") all over the world and I'm one of those people who thinks everyone is a person of color and that no one is really White or Black if you look at the color wheel.  I guess I'm asking this question of or about women who consider themselves to be part of the Black community here in the United States since our history includes slavery (though frankly that would for me include Nkechi Amare Diallo, commonly known by her previous name Rachel Anne Dolezal, the now controversial American former civil rights activist and former African studies instructor. ... because I think our self identification is most important.  I'm going berserker on Doctor Phil for calling her a "race faker!"  Why doesn't anyone call our most famous transgender person Bruce/ a "gender faker?"  And as far as I'm concerned if she was doing a good job, she should never have been fired from the NAACP!)
But to get to the question, a friend of mine who is no doubt White but for a great great great great grandmother long ago in slave days, which she found out about doing genealogy, says that African American women have long been more used to man sharing.  She says there just are not enough African American men to go around.
This friend of mine has preferred Black men since high school even though that got her into all sorts of trouble with her parents. She not only thinks they are more physically attractive but that they are more respectful to her as a woman.  Everyone has the right to their own experience and what to make of it.  My friend has made an effort for her children to meet their half siblings and the other women in her ex's lives and has though personal study and experience learned a great deal about African art and culture. She also has a number of African American women friends.
My friend points out that proof of this is that many Black men have children with multiple women and that the women are just more generous in spirit to each other. 

So now that you know where I'm coming from, what do you think?

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