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Yes, there are a few nudie pictures of burlesque queen Dita in this book, but there are far more pin-up pictures of beautiful Dita, and lots of her without makeup or in the process of putting hers on, which is the point, because this is a book from her unique point of view about how to do your cosmetics.

Dita, it is revealed, has in recent years, paid more attention to natural and organic products, and since she coats all her skin with cosmetics when she is performing, she is also an aficionado of Korean bathhouses and scrubs later, so her pores can really breath.  She is also cautionary about getting any tan, especially not burns, and uses lots of sun screen.  The woman has world famous skin.

She has not been seen blonde (her natural color) or in jeans for many years.  She loves vintage and vintage inspired clothes and make-up, pointing out that her look comes from not one era, and believes that when you find your look (which she calls your "drag,") and your style, it will be so natural to you that you won't mind, say, coloring your hair every two weeks, keeping your fingernails immaculate, or always wearing red lipstick (she owns hundreds of shades of red).

Marilyn Manson, the musician, is referred to as her ex-husband a couple times (she's had only one) and there is one picture of the two of them together.  (I do wish I knew more about their marriage.)

She mentions that she didn't have sex for a year after their divorce, but for those of you hoping that she might tell all about her sexuality, or how many men have more than adored her from afar, this is not the book.

She wanted to be known as simply Dita, but was forced to pick a sur name, which she did with the help of an old fashioned telephone book. 

Her mom and sister are there for her.

She started stripping early, and is called a dancer, but she doesn't dance so much as she poses, and reveals all except the pasties or G-string.  She's famous for wearing crystals by Swarovski, has been a fashion designer muse, and has worked with many a famous photographer.  She works hard to keep her figure, especially Pilates, but also does wear corsets that can move her usual 24 inch waist to 18 inches... She's active in Mac Cosmetics and other fundraisers for people with HIV/AIDS.

Here are some favorite excerpts!

Page 52

"I enjoy life's roller coasters and nowhere does the ride turn wilder than when it comes to love.  Dear Reader, we might not share the same hair color or lipstick shade, but matters of the heart are universal.  Take solace in knowing that Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, and Lana Turner were women with adventurous love affairs and big heartaches.  Even in love there can be heartache.  But just as the road less traveled can be more challenging, it can also be gads more fun.  So live and love!"

(And among lots of information on vintage perfume collecting and her own four original scents)
"There's nothing like the whiff of primal attracti0on, no matter where the individual of interest hails from.  I have found, however, that it's true what they say; body odor as an aphrodisiac is not so embraced among American or Asian men or women as it is among those from other nations.  I've found that European men, on the other hand, always take delight in a little body smell, and I love them for it."

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