Thursday, January 12, 2017

DECLARATION FOR MISTRESSES - Saying No to the "Just OK" Relationship

"All relationships that endure have ups and downs but I need to ask myself if I'm settling for a Just OK Relationship.  Don't I deserve more?  Doesn't he?"

All my women friends have.  I have.  We've settled for the Just OK relationship at some point, even to just be in a relationship and not alone.  If you've been through relationships that had high highs and low lows before the "Just OK" relationship, at first you are grateful for the stability.

Some people get to their late twenties, figure that they ought to get married soon, settle for the "Just OK" relationship, after all isn't "Everybody"?  Haven't you been told by some older, wiser person (maybe mom or dad) that "Everybody Settles"?  Haven't you heard that you can't expect to get everything you want?

Well, I'll admit I can't come up with statistics (and tend to doubt the ones I come across anyway) but it seems to me that "Just OK' turns into "Bored Out Of Your Mind."  The person who never seems to spark you never gets more interesting.  Damn, you can't really find anything wrong with them, really,  like you could some others, but on the other hand, something doesn't seem so right.

If you're in a "Just OK" relationship, you bump along. Years go by.  What's new?  Not much.

It is my suspicion that many people who want to stay married while having affairs, do so because their marriage is "Just OK."

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