Friday, August 19, 2016


"I take a good look at myself, realistically, and know my self worth."

Self worth isn't exactly confidence or self esteem.  It is derived at by taking stock and being realistic so that you don't demand or expect things that are truly out of your reach at this time in your life, but also so that you don't expect too little. 

I reviewed the book BEING A WOMAN by Dr. Toni Grant a while ago.  A copy is on my personal bookshelf.  In this book Dr. Grant suggests a woman ask herself "Who have I attracted so far?"

Another means for determining self worth is to research what your education, experience, talent, job skills, and ambition go for on the average in your employment market.  (For this there is lots of help these days both in books and on the Internet.)  You should aim to never be underpaid but you might also find out that it would take a significant move to be paid the going rate for your work.

In Meta Carpenter Wilde's book that was the basis for much of this month's posts, there is a lot of taking stock, of asking herself questions about what she wants out of life as she ages, as she finds her talent and skills and employment going from high to low to high again, and, after marrying Mr. Wrong, if she should stay married. She asks herself what she gets out of her relationship with William Faulkner as the relationship goes on as well.

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