Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I have known only one true HONEY TRAP in my life!  (T'wasn't me!)

"Cindy" was expert at hiding her true self and projecting herself as any man's ideal woman.

I met her when she was involved with a friend of mine.  I actually told him he needed to give her more of a chance when, after a few weeks of dating, he said he had this odd feeling, like he really wasn't getting to know her.  I dismissed his feeling but I was so wrong!  He broke with her and she became very depressed.  She even told him off.  But soon he was out buying her an expensive "perfect gift" and they remained friends.

In fact "Cindy" was still friends with a multitude of men she had once dated, slept with, or had relationships with.

I had to be in her life for some time to begin to figure out what was real or what was make-believe or how much she believed herself.  Was she completely lacking self identity, truly willing to conform to a man's interests to be with him, or was she the smartest woman yet, having always a great number of men to pick from?

This woman had a Masters in Psychology but, she said, she didn't believe in therapy.  Yet, in friendship with her, she posed very much as a Therapist.  She asked interesting questions.  She listened well.  The only trouble was, when ever you tried to ask her the same question and get a response, she expertly moved the conversation back to YOU. 

In the year or so that we were friends, "Cindy" managed to attract several men besides my friend. She had absolutely no problem attracting them. I watched her as she gazed into their eyes, changed her schedule to be available to the ones she wanted to be available for, and  I stepped aside as she was wildly promiscuous (though none of them knew that!)

When I'm friends with another woman, I really do want to know who she really is.  I want to know what her hopes and dreams are, as much as I want to know about her disappointments and hurts.

So if YOU ARE A HONEY TRAP, could you share a bit about your philosophy of life and why you live this way?


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