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Ladies and Gentlemen! 

I've been meaning to include Kept Men in this blog, and recently I started thinking about Scott Thorson, who was involved with Liberace, the famous piano player and showman, whose clothing and outrageously rich life-style became as much a part of his act as his piano playing. 

Scott wrote a book with co-author Alex Thorleifson back in 1988, called "Behind the Candelabra" and I decided to re-read it.

Scott was born in 1958, and he's still with us, last I heard living with a common law wife (in the book he stated that he is bisexual) and through the years he's been struggling with drug addiction, and I suspect some emotional problems.

A movie is going to be made from the book after all these years, starting Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as Scott.  I look forward to seeing this HBO production, because I always want to see what film makers do with a book which I found sincere and well written. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Scott.  I think you'll realize that though he was a Kept Man or Boytoy in a homosexual relationship with Liberace, he has much in common with many a Mistress / Mantress through history and today. 

First, he came from a disadvantaged background.  Scott's mom was mentally ill and as a result he lived in a number of foster homes, not all bad, his last being a happy situation.  As a foster child he had to work doing odd jobs and he started earning what he could at the age of 10.  His dream was to be a veterinarian.  He met Liberace in 1977 and Liberace's oldest dog was ailing.  As a couple and in the time they were together they would buy each other dogs and own more than two dozen.

Liberace was rich, famous, and powerful, and 40 years older than Scott who was just 18  years old when they started.  Within a month of their first meeting Liberace hired him but also made it clear sex and a very personal relationship was part of the bargain. 

Scott left his foster home and moved in with Liberace with their primary residence being Vegas.  He was to learn that Liberace, his family, and his management, all did whatever possible to hide the the entertainer's homosexuality.   (Maybe Liberace's mom never figured it out.  Everyone else did.)

Scott was a known secret among many. 

Liberace had an active sex life and would die of AIDS, a disease that he did not get from Scott.

Scott's previous experience with relationships and sex was limited.  He was not promiscuous, into porn, and had not been a prostitute, but for a while he lived with an older gay brother in San Francisco and had teenage experiences. 

Liberace would come to dominate Scott's  life.  In order to be with him almost constantly, to travel and be part of Liberace's life, Scott had very little freedom, and few friends his own age.  Financially he had a salary and was part of the fabulous show.  Like many a person Kept by someone much wealthier than themselves, Scott found himself on a low but liveable salary because he was gifted with jewels, clothes, and much else beyond that salary. 

To please Liberace, Scott had cosmetic surgery that included a chin implant, cheek bone implants, and a nose job.  Liberace wanted him to look like a son.

He also lost a lot of weight to be more in Liberace's image and likeness.  As a result of legal prescriptions given by the doctor who performed the surgery, he became a drug addict.  He's had a long struggle with addiction since.

Scott displaced the previous protege and would be displaced five years later himself. 

Liberace talked adopting him and also supporting him for his lifetime.

When he found himself thrown out as the previous protege had, he was confused and upset, and he sued.  Scott himself says this was no "Palimoney" case....
Aren't you interested in learning more about SCOTT THORSON?

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