Monday, September 17, 2012


Maybe you've heard, but Thomas Kinkade, the artist known as "The Painter of Light," who was worth 60 million when he suddenly died of an accidental combination of booze and Valium. He had moved on and in with his mistress Amy Pinto-Walsh, much to the humiliation of his wife. Linking here to one of many article about another fight between a wife - in this case an ex wife - and a "mistress" in this case a woman who has a good career of her own and whose man came to live with her.

The press is using the term mistress, and once again I'm feeling that the term has been used improperly. In today's culture the term is often used to describe people who would be best called one night stands or affairs. In this case, Kinkade left a marriage and was planning another one.

"Pinto-Walsh, who was called a gold-digger by the estranged Mrs Kinkade, said after the painter’s death that the two were planning to wed after his divorce was finalised.

In April, lawyers portrayed Mr Kinkade's girlfriend as a ruthless gold digger who is out to 'tear down' the late artist's reputation and do irreparable damage to his family."

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