Sunday, September 2, 2012


Vanity Fair - September issue - devotes an article to the story - and so I elect artist Jackson Pollock's mistress Ruth Kligman, as September's Mistress of the Month. As I've said before, there are plenty of historical mistresses, but there are also plenty of modern-day mistresses and they keep making the news if not history!

You know, most Americans claim to loath mistresses. While gay pride parades go happily down the street, the mistress is hidden away. It's presumed that the man is married, that he's rich, that it's heterosexual, that it's "just a fling," that he has a madonna - whore complex. Mistresses are called "home-wreckers," even though the marital relationship may have been "wrecked" for years. Sometimes these things are true, but mistresses are too common for them to always be true. For some people being in a love triangle is simply an alternative lifestyle. It's not for everyone. It's not always for long. And some common ordinary, even conservative women, have found themselves there when they least expected it would ever happen to them.

Despite the denial, films, books, and news about mistresses are just so interesting. Maybe it's just a great fantasy for some people. Maybe it's a lot about sex. Maybe the fiction mistress is safely far far away in a make believe place that even a wife enjoys the read. It's when a mistress isn't make believe that the uproar often starts.

Reading author's like psychologist Dr. Toni Grant, we learn that there is a bit of "Courtesan" in every woman, if she chooses to coax it out. Reading Rabbi Shmuley Boteach we learn that married couples can keep their relationship alive by pretending affairs. Reading Robert Greene we learn seduction is an art and science and philosophy.

Some of our mistresses have lives that are cautionary tales. Some have had a great ride and don't want to get off the roller coaster.

Linking to an interview of author Leslie M. M. Blume, whose Vanity Fair article introduces us to artist Jackson Pollock, his wife, and his mistress!

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