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THE MAN WHO KILLED KENNEDY is just packed with Mistresses!

Back in November of 2011, I elected Madeleine Duncan Brown, mistress of Lyndon Baines Johnson, as Mistress of the Month.  In this book, recently published and with a big buzz following the author's revelations on talk radio, Madeleine is reported to have testified to a big meeting the night before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in Dallas, by those behind the conspiracy and the shooters.  There have been so many conspiracy theories about that assassination and this is not the first book that would tell you that LBJ knew beforehand or was the leader of the conspiracy which may have involved not only enemies of the Kennedy's, people who just didn't like liberals, but also the Mafia and the CIA and the FBI.  Did LBJ have so much power that he could count on various characters from all three organizations and more to get rid of not only JFK but also a great number of operatives and witnesses? 

Roger Stone and Mike Colapietro, the authors, write that Lyndon Johnson was a "psychopathic serial murderer" because they believe the killing included 70 unnatural deaths out of 1400 witnesses, which has been mathematically calculated to one chance in 715 million trillion trillions!

This is a very interesting book, one that has built upon other authors work while being suspicion of other authors who may have been part of a cover up, and part of what's interesting to me about it is that not only is Madeleine Duncan Brown quoted, but so is Marita Lorenz, Fidel Castro's once upon a time mistress, who  also testified to having been part of a plot to kill Castro, and who under oath in a district court case in Florida, stated that she was a witness to E. Howard Hunt (later of Watergate infamy) paying off an assassination team the night before the Kennedy murder.   WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT WHO MISTRESSES TO IMPORTANT MEN WOULD BE AROUND TO WITNESS SUCH AS SECRET MEETING?

A number of people are named in this book as having been part of that team, including John Kennedy's "mistress" Mary Meyer's, husband Cord Meer.  Though I wonder at the use of the term for Mary, or really any of the women John Kennedy slept with, according to this book he was in love with Mary and said he would divorce Jackie to marry her!

Just to make THE MAN WHO KILLED KENNEDY an even more mistress-aware book, there is also a small passage that mentions George H.W. Bush's long time mistress Jennifer Fitzgerald!  (I'm avoiding the use of the term President in this case, even though that is the proper title of any person who has ever been President of the United States, and also in the the case of Lyndon Johnson because these mistresses were with these men before they became President.  I'm not sure how long the relationships went on after that.) 

Can we ever hear this story retold and not think about Judith Cambell Exner, who slept with both JFK and Mafioso Sam Giancanna?

Thought provoking!


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