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This site is not affiliated or associated with by "Jack Pine."  Nor by another Jack... who is probably the same person as "Jack Pine."

Why Mr. Pine (or his second incarnation) would use the title is beyond me as he doesn't seem to be on topic overall. He does post a little about how he imagines a man gets a mistress, but he turns us off using the term "fuck fillies." (Maybe he means horses?) 

I wouldn't want my faithful readers to be confused.

OK, so I'm being a wee bit bitchy...

This site is not affiliated with ANY OTHER SITE, not on BlogSpot,  not on wordpress, not .com, not .net... Not LULU, Ashley Adams, or any dating/meet-up sites and absolutely no porn or prostitution... (I mention these because I've been told that ads were somehow attached to my site!) 

THIS BLOG HAS NO GRAPHIC SEXUALLY EXPLICIT IMAGES, VIDEOS, LANGUAGE or the LIKE.  It conforms to the GOOGLE BLOGGER CONTENT POLICY for PUBLIC BLOGGERS.  (And if I think something might need a warning for content I'll post that.) 

Also I can't recommend any other site though there are links of interest, which you'll get to if you read my posts!   I link to sites, videos, news articles, etc. that are on topic and the intellectual properties associated with those links remain the property of their originators.

I like literary.  I love books. I'm striving to keep this blog, and any discussion that happens because of it, on a higher ground. 

Also, I've never opened a YouTube or other video station.  Those of you who contacted me wondering about the strange selection of videos showing up under MISTRESS MANIFESTO on YouTube... One does wonder... 

Another person trying to ride my success? 

Or maybe my broom?

Thank you to my friends and readers for alerting me!


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