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HER FRIENDS NEVER MET HIM, so they wondered if he really existed.  (Mistress credentials begin to accumulate!)

Her father, Jonathan Mills, back in 2013 when the international drama was first unfolding, said that she and Edward Snowden, the techie employed as a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, who secretly downloaded millions of documents belonging to the NSA (National Security Agency: a US federal defense bureau established in 1972 that specializes in cryptography) and fled the United States to Hong Kong and then Russia, had been "dating" for four or five years.  Dating? That's an understatement. Like what?  Ed picked Lindsay up in his car and took her out to the movies on Saturday nights?  But then dad admitted he didn't always know where in the world she was. Which again, gives the lovely Lindsay mistress credentials; traveling to be with her man, and to foreign countries where she cannot expect to earn her own income. This woman is either an heiress or Kept. Who was paying for all that travel and her living expenses?  If dad was picking up the tab wouldn't he know where his daughter was?  Needless to say, she may not have been working to support herself because you can't go just get a job in foreign countries without being hired by an American Company there first or having special Visas and work permits.

According to respected journalist/author Edward Epstein (book below), and other sources, including Lindsay herself, Lindsay has so far lived with Edward Snowden in Russia, Hong Kong (prior to his run there), Hawaii, Switzerland, Japan, not to mention locations in the continental United States.  She is stuck on him!

Lindsay Mills is Edward Snowden's very best, possibly only real friend, lover, and confidant.  Yet, he says he told her nothing about what he was doing, as he very purposely got himself hired to complete the methodical work of stealing documents that began before he worked for Booz Allen Hamilton on NSA work.  He says he didn't want to implicate her.  And she's not.

Lindsay's educated, a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, a ballerina, true, and she is also an acrobat and pole dancer, but paying work?  She would not be the first Mistress to travel with and be the emotional support of a man with a good income and though she blogs and poses for selfies, some of which appear professional, she's all about her relationship.

No reason to think there's an adultery in this relationship.

But then you don't have to be married to be Kept!
From our Mistress Manifesto BlogSpot perspective, the question of how devious or manipulative or honest this sincere-seeming boy next door type with the hot Mistress is, has bearing on how we perceive his long relationship with Lindsay.  Maybe these two are soul mates, and maybe neither of them believe in marriage.  It's a "institution" after all. Maybe she can forgive him anything!  Maybe they're the Odd Couple?
Seems to me Lindsay Mills was thrust into the spotlight because of her man's activities, and because of this infamy, she is being used (in a nice way) to normalize Ed and their unconventional relationship.  Back in the day people would say that Lindsay's "beautiful enough to marry," which was meant as a compliment but had a way of slapping down women whose best attributes were not their looks.  But they haven't. We actually don't know what their deal is as a couple.  Because of all the years they have together surely they have one.  I suspect one thing that's part of it is that Lindsay not ask questions. (Familiar to any of you Mistresses out there?) After all those years, it's said she was ready to marry him.  Detractors on the Internet surmised that he had taken whistleblowing and fleeing as a way to avoid marriage too.

While Edward must have been about to implode as he calmly went to work each day, figuring out how to get passwords beyond his security clearance and do extensive downloading on thumbdrives, steadily acquiring documents that he agreed as an employee he would protect, Lindsey seemed to be exposing not only her body but the emotional rollercoaster she was on in her relationship on the internet.  Maybe they each have a different relationship to the issue or privacy.

She poetically wrote on her blog in June of 2013, when the truth that her man was not just on a business trip hit:

"My world has opened and closed all at once.  Leaving me lost at sea without a compass.  Surely there will be villainous pirates, distracting mermaids, and tides of change in this new open water chapter of my journey..."

I watched a number of YouTube videos that are still up from that time that have inaccurate information, in particular that they'd broken up. I think about the term "fake news" which has made us all question how much we read is opinion and how much is journalism and how much is opinion sold as journalism.  (At the end of the month I will ask you to make comments on a series of questions I have about these two. I do try and reference books, news articles, interviews, and so on as a basis for what is my opinion.)

I was riveted to learn that about the same time as she was in shock, and he was holed up in Russia, she and Ed were texting! 

In 2014, our Honorary Mistress of the Month - LINDSAY MILLS - began living with Ed, who is either a whistleblower or spy, hero or traitor or patriot,  in exile in Russia - following her heart once again - although it's not clear to me what her entry and stay requirements are; She may actually come and go, thus validating her self description as a "vagabond." What's not reported is if she too has a deal with Russia, like he most certainly does, to be there. 

One thing for sure, the reportage on Lindsay is comparatively minimalistic compared to the thousands of news articles that have come out since Edward Snowden was reportedly going to transfer on a plane to Cuba and did a no show, and Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks fame, turned out to be stuck with him in the puzzling zone of the International Airport in Moscow where reporters searched to find them.


I watched the documentary CitizenFour, at home on a DVD.  It was interesting and suspenseful, even though I knew the outcome. I believed Edward Snowden was right to expose United States governmental spying on citizens through their cyber and cell phone use, but I also think that the United States needs to be secured and it turns out he took much more information than I thought.
Dressed beautifully, was Lindsay at the side of the filmmakers on the stage to accept their awards.  It was said that she was there to represent Edward.

 When I hear that Ed doesn't believe he will get a fair trial in the United States but would come back here if he was guaranteed one, I think, "but a fair trial would present at least as much as Edward Epstein's book, and he still might go to prison for the rest of his life."

Then, what happens to Lindsay?  She loves him.  But I ask you, if Lindsay was your best girlfriend or your sister would you tell her to stay with Edward or move on?

At the time Edward, 29, left Hawaii without explanation, Lindsay Mills, 28, even called herself a "superhero."  Of course she has a sense of humor.  In Hawaii, she was left stymied and had to answer the door when investigators came calling looking for her man, who had lied to his superiors at work to buy time.

She blogged, L's Journey (LSJOURNEY.COM went down for a while but is back up.) She also was extremely open on her blog about the emotional chaos she was in, when she returned home from a trip to a note that he would be gone on a business trip for a while.  Understatement of the Century - thus far!  But then Ed has a history of self mocking avatars, as well as stretching the truth about his titles, responsibilities, and pay; he lies. Were his lies to keep his privacy, to cover his activities, or what?

On her blog, she reveals her body in many provocative selfies that are titillating, showing off her sometimes androgynous, sensibly muscular dancer - acrobat body.  Some of this photos are so well staged and lit that they appear to be professional photographs.  Ed thinks she's beautiful.  So do I. 


He hadn't informed her that he was abandoning her in favor of being a real Superhero of sorts, letting Americans and the countries thought to be our Allies know that they were being spied on in vast data collections.  (I hope to watch this film before the month is over!)


This book is the primary reference for this month concerning Edward Snowden and his long time Mistress (my judgment call) Lindsay Mills.  I've also read a dozens of recent articles on the Internet seeking information about their relationship. I've been reading around Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the subject of privacy since I first heard there was an American stuck inside the terminal of an International airport in Moscow. I wanted to know "where is he really?" In an hourly motel room?  Off premises and in the hands of the KGB?  Alive?  Dead? 

Among the many articles I read in my search for Lindsay are the following:
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