Sunday, May 14, 2017


There are so very many ways to love, something that Mistresses seem to know well. After all, their love is not always sanctioned by legal marriage. As a result, in order to avoid possible scandal, and to keep their relationship "as is," a mistress often accepts that she will never marry the person she loves, and keeps to a separate social group. If she has chosen well, she suffers less than the woman who has no love at all, and if years go by, it's quite possible she will have children, "extra matrimonial" children, who deserve all her love too.

What about her own mother?  Some Mistresses have mothers who have also been Mistresses, some Mistresses have mothers who have been kept from the truth, and some mothers are in the know but do not approve.

Some people have mothers who are easy to love, and some not, still, whatever your situation, try to love your mummy.  Don't forget her on this very American holiday.  Give her a call.  Tell her what you love about her.

"Today is the day that I express my love to the mother or mothers who deserve my love."

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