Thursday, February 23, 2017


"I don't have to be sexually active.  I can choose celibacy.  Temporarily or forever.  To not be sexually active is a choice, an alternative, and an alternative way of being."

Some of you may think of celibacy as abnormal or be surprised that a blog about Mistresses, who are popularly defined by their sexual activity, strange.  I think not.  There are still many women who prefer only to be sexual with a lover who they really love. They may feel pressure to have sex while dating and so not date.  They may arrive to their wedding as virgins.  Or they may be very selective about who they have relations with.  There are mistresses out there who didn't sleep with the men who they have devoted their life to right away.

Celibacy for some people is taking a break from sex and all the complications of sex.  Some people think celibacy is required to focus on other aspects of their lives, such as decisions they need to make.  They find the deep involvement and responsibility that comes with being lovers distracting.

So, don't feel obligated to be sexual.  Choose to be sexual and choose who to be with.

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