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Sheryl Weinstein and Bernie Madoff met in 1988 when she was CFO of Hadassah, working out of New York City.  Not long after they met, they started to have lunches together and having frequent phone conversations.  (Chapter two 133-134)

She knew he was attracted to her right away.  She found him interesting.  Although, quote, " It took two or three months for me to realize that Bernie was primarily interested in talking about himself.  He was a total narcissist, completely self absorbed... He was a bit of a name dropper... (His financial competitors, the people he knew on charitable boards.)  (Chapter two 220-222) 
"Our conversations rarely centered on our spouses.  Bernie never told me he was unhappily married...  He indicated that at times he could be brazen and abrupt with Ruth.  He admitted that on occasion he could even bring her to tears.  (Chapter two  227-228-229)

"Summer was nearly over when Bernie invited me to lunch at the Four Seasons.  As usual, he arrived before I did and got a prime table in the Grill Room.  I was nervous, and the butterflies in my stomach made me queasy.  My outfit was perfect.  I made a habit of looking my best when I saw Bernie and this day was no exception... As soon as he saw me, Bernie rose from the table, took my hands, and kissed my cheek.  (Chapter 5  353-254) 

Sheryl says she was "totally taken aback" by this, though he had given her many compliments and had made sexual innuendos.  (For the next few years the relationship remained what I'd call an intense flirtation.)  (Chapter 5 261-262)

Sheryl felt that by rebuffing his advances it had allowed them to get closer. "He was constantly making sexual innuendos. He was surrounded by savvy Upper East Side social climbers who worshipped power and money, and here I was, a hardworking woman without a hidden agenda.  We shared middle - class, down-to-earth backgrounds that offered us the perfect connection."  (I note though that she used her salary to send her only child to an exclusive and expensive prep school, and then college.) (Chapter 6  279-280)

In March of 1993, Sheryl decided to trust her life savings of $70,000 to Bernie, which he accepted though this was not the usual minimum investment.  After the dinner in which she asked him to invest for her, they had their first kiss(Chapter eight  451-452)

"Bernie leaned towards me and stroked the line of my jaw.  I stopped speaking and brushed his lips with mine.  His hand pulled my face closer and I felt his tongue gently touch my lips. He tasted of the desert we'd just shared - sweet and delicious.  I don't know how long we kissed, but all too soon the cab pulled up in front of my building..."

After that first kiss, Bernie told Sheryl that he had reserved a room for them and asked her if she wanted to go upstairs to it.  When she refused he said it was ok, that she was "worth the wait."  (Chapter eight  581-582)

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Excerpts and quotes are from the e-book version of the book, as read using Overdrive.

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