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Missy here!  Besides holding off from having actual sex with Bernie for years, Sheryl seems to think that being resistant is exciting and giving them time for real intimacy.  After a first kiss in 1993, they "Stopped pretending they were not together" when they were out together.  (Chapter 8  595-596)  Here are important excerpts from the book "Madoff's Other Secret" and some editorial commentary from me!

But (OK, we have to believe her), despite all the lunches, dinners, flirtations, his advances, and the fact that they have been touchy feely with each other, until this point Sheryl did not think they'd yet been on an official date(Chapter 8 611)  But finally, she did put on some sexy undies beneath her suit and meet him in a hotel room where sex was "like a dance, slow and sensual, and appropriate." (Chapter 9 618-620)

Experiencing, "reawakened sexuality", she says, "Being with him was not about sex; it was about making my first real adult connection."  (Chapter 9  625=626)

By September 1993, they still had not done it, and she felt conflicted about being unfaithful to her husband despite years of verbal and emotional abuse.  (Some of her friends said it was better than being single... I could not agree less!)  Bernie Madoff had made her feel "Wanted" and "Desired."  (Chapter 10  669-670)

Finally, when they were both in Washington D.C., they had a candlelight dinner and with a couple rooms reserved upstairs, met in one of them and did.  Sheryl felt she had taken the lead.  He was the third lover she had ever had.  (Chapter 10 685-686)

If you want sexual details, you'll have to read the book for yourself.  They're there.

From then on, Sheryl and Bernie always met at the New York Hilton, where he confessed that he cared about her.  He did not say the word love. "I mean emotionally, you're going to kill me.  I care about  you too much."  Now Bernie or his secretary no longer made the reservations.  Sheryl did, and allowed him to reimburse her, though sometimes she didn't insist on all the money.  (Chapter 11,  772, 777-778 and Chapter 12  833-834)

She was 44.  He was 55. Waiting for him in hotel rooms she sometimes drank vodka and smoked pot to relax.  They would spend New Years Eve with their respective spouses.

* All excerpts here are from the e-book read with Overdrive.

Sheryl Weinstein and Bernie Madoff would continue their relationship for some time and remain friendly until the financial scandal erupted.  Despite other people on the Hadassah board questioning the amazing returns on their investments that funded many Jewish-oriented charities, and newspaper articles reporting on questions and investigations, Madoff and those cooperative with him were not actually figured out or caught for some time.

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