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The Forgotten Women Behind the World's Famous and Infamous
C 2015 Marlene Wagman-Geller
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See that picture of Pamela Courson on the top left?  Since Pamela is a woman whose name draws many hits to MISTRESS MANIFESTO BLOGSPOT, I got this book, and no, I was unable to identify any of the other women on the book cover. 
Given short and sweet chapters, in writing that is fast, sometimes humerous, and to the point, are Mrs. Karl Marx, Mrs. Richard Wagner, Mrs. Oscar Wilde, Mrs. Mohandas Gandi, the two Mrs. Albert Einstein's,  Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock, Mrs. Simon Wiesenthal, and many more.  Of course, as I was reading I was seeking out the wives who were once mistresses or the mistresses the wives knew about or competed with or lost a man to, or the mistresses who  were simply also behind the famous man.  I also wanted to know who knew their husband was bisexual or gay.  Can't say I found out. 
But as for Pamela Courson, a woman who called herself rockstar-poet Jim Morrison's wife, this book doesn't mention she ever had any serious competition for the title, apparently ignoring the fact, while reiterating the short adventure of Pamela Miller, groupie, who did an underwear exposing backflip in the living room at Morrison's Laurel Canyon digs; that was competitive.  On Page 282 we learn ," Pamela (Courson) proved Morrison's match for crazy antics; in flirtation with death.  She drove without headlights on Mulholland Drive's windy road.  His specialty was hanging from hotel balconies...." 
As for Mrs. Bernie Madoff, Ruth Alpern, on page 211 we learn "There was no empathy for the fallen Caesar or his wife...Too humiliated to face the frenzy of victims outside the courthouse, which Madoff entered wearing a bulletproof vest, Ruth did not attend her husband's trial..."

Someone had to write a book about the behind-the -cene wives who had their husband's backs, and author Marlene Wagman-Geller did a great job of it.

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HERE'S A LITTLE UPDATE.  I heard from the author of this book Marlene Wagman-Geller and she has published another book!  (And was nice enough to suggest I publish one on mistresses!)   Here is the link to her official web site where you can learn more about her and indulge yourself !MARLENE WAGMAN GELLER OFFICIAL 

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