Thursday, December 22, 2016


If you're in a RELATIONSHIP, this holiday season may be full of holiday parties - his, hers and at other couples', shopping for presents for each other, maybe taking some time off work to take a romantic trip out of town... or maybe, just a dinner at your place where he brings the jewelry you've been secretly hoping for. 

If you're NOT in a RELATIONSHIP, or are not happy in the one you're in, the holidays can still be full of activities, and you can still have a good time with friends and family, or enjoy having some well needed alone time with yourself, BUT, you may be hoping that the NEW YEAR is the start of something very special between you and another new person.

Although it's true that if you're sitting alone at home and not making an effort to get out there and get involved and meet people, it's unlikely that Mr. Right is going to come knocking on your door,  he MIGHT if he happens to live in the same building...  I guess you could say that I think that one should make efforts to reach any goal but am also a believer in DESTINY.  And not everyone is meant to have a partner in life.

I often ask people how they met the person they have committed to in a loving partnership.

Although I've heard it was at a concert, dance, or party, or a dinner at a friends (which seems to be more popular than the concert, dance, or party), and I have heard people say through some sort of dating service, personal ad, or on the Internet, I've also perhaps more often heard of some sort of KARMA or SYNCHRONICITY - something simple.

One of my friends met the man she married when they both attended a free real estate seminar, where neither of them were actually looking for anything more than information on how to buy distressed housing.

One senior citizen told me that she went to an amusement park when she was a girl, but couldn't afford to get in.  Still, you could hear the live dance bands playing from outside where there was a picnic grove and a swing set.  On the swing she got, and on the swing next to her sat a young men, as broke.  They soon married and stayed married.

I've met people who met on public transportation, while one of them had a car in the shop.

The coin laundry, borrowing lavender softener.

In the line at the grocery store, when one of them pitched in because the other one was a bit short of cash when the groceries were registered at Trader Joes.  (He said it was from his expense account for food, on a filming that was taking place near by and not out of his pocket, so she accepted,  but it turned out it was his personal pleasure.  He gave her his business card and she called to thank him again for his good deed.)

He bought his girlfriend a beautiful bracelet that the department store retail clerk who waited on him suggested.  His girlfriend hated it and asked him to return it.  He did and asked out the clerk who loved it!

She went to a comedy club, something she rarely did, with some girlfriends, and in the audience was a man who she had gone to grade school with years before - in a small town - in another state - who she never ever thought she would see again - date - or move in with! 



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