Saturday, December 3, 2016


Did you know that every major religion on earth has a belief in Angels?  That means that most people on this earth have at least left the option open that they exist. Be you Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or Moslem, there are angels. They are sometimes described differently; with wings, without, or simply as shining beings. They are often messengers or visitors, in dreams or while wide awake, and they sometimes give us a message (from God!) or save us from some danger. It's thought that everyone of us has at least one.  (As a child I was told to leave room in line for mine to walk back into school with me from recess!)

To prepare for this month's subject here at MISTRESS MANIFEST BLOGSPOT, I watch so many YouTube videos that claim to have caught angels on film.  Some of these videos are amazing.  I'm sure some of them truly caught angels doing rescues and some of them are enhanced or faked videos. 

I've been thinking about angels.

I'm not asking you to believe in angels or to pray to angels or even get into a debate over their existence on this earth or in heaven. I want you to be one, if not forever more, than just for this month, and if you can't earn two wings, earn one, by giving of yourself, either through volunteering or by opening your pocket book. At this time of year there are very many volunteer opportunities for people who cannot make long term commitments or don't have money to spare, and volunteering is known to be an excellent place to meet good people - maybe even a new man.  First I want you to self assess and ask yourself how selfish you've been, how self-involved and focused lately, and if being that way has brought you to jealousy, envy, meanness, or ingratitude. If you indeed have been more naughty than nice, turn it around and move towards helping someone else.

Don't think I've got my head in the clouds.  I'm completely aware of the terrible suffering in this world and sometimes I think evil violence has taken over.  

You can be someone's special angel secretly, not taking any credit at all, by sending a friend in need some cash, or by doing a little research to elect a charity that is doing what it says it's doing with the donations it receives.  (One of my friends, who was going through old boxes that had been delivered to her new apartment some time ago when she was just squeaking by, called me recently just stunned because she finally started to go through those boxes and found an envelope containing $500 in cash which she is 100% sure wasn't hers, knowing that someone who was doing the heavy lifting that day, had to have opened the lid and put it in there!)

You can also be a special angel through making donations, which are often tax deductible.  I'll be providing some links that I myself have chosen, with a focus on sex trafficking, slavery, and homeless teens.  Here at MISTRESS MANIFESTO BLOGSPOT you have the opportunity to read about a variety of women (and some men) who have been Kept by others, sometimes by choice (to me the best and only way to go circa 2016), but sometimes because choices were few, if any.  When a person is enslaved, their choices may be down to live or die.

Thanks for reading MISTRESS MANIFESTO BLOGSPOT.  It's been a successful year here. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the efforts that go into researching and writing this blog. At this time of year I reassess and feel satisfied that I did a good job.  While I never pick my topics just for the hits, it does feel good when a post gets lots of them.

I hope all of you will find happiness these holidays!


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