Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I'm impressed at how well spoken Elizabeth L. Ray was and I think the interviewer had an agenda to shame her.

About the video:

Published on Jul 24, 2015 on YouTube
(Give the video a moment to go to audio.  Go to YouTube if you want the full transcript.)

From YouTube site:

Interview in London with Elizabeth Ray who claims she was placed on the Congressional payroll by an American Congressman in return for being his mistress

"United States Congressman Wayne Hays, aged 65, was taken to hospital on Thursday (June 10) in a coma, suffering from an apparent overdose of tranquillizer pills, following the start of investigations into a Washington sex scandal.  (Missy: In the Interview she says this is a ridiculous idea.)

Miss Ray arrived in London on Friday (June 11) on a visit; a book by her was published this week, and written in a novel form with fictional names, it describes love affairs between herself and a number of congressmen and senators, including a congressman who closely resembles Hays."

She was interviewed on her arrival in London by Trevor MacDonald for upitn.


Go to the video on YouTube to read the full text.

"American representative Wayne Hays announced on Thursday (June 3) he will resign one of his two congressional chairmanships following his implication in a sex scandal with a staff secretary.

Miss Elizabeth Ray charged that hays put her on the administration committee payroll at 14,000 dollars a year to serve as his mistress. hays admitted to the long affair, but denied he hired her for that purpose.

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