Friday, September 30, 2016


DAILY MAIL ; Alina Kabaeva makes public appearance with two boys and wedding ring

In February 2011, I elected ALINA KABAEVA as (Probable) MISTRESS OF THE MONTH, as Mistress of Vladimir Putin, who as you know, rules Russia as Prime Minister.  The rumor had been swirling around the world that the ex Olympic athlete had his favor, and if you use the search feature embedded in this blog, you can bring up primary posts on the beautiful Alina.

Though I will also post the link above as an update on the first blog post I made on Alina, last night I was riveted to find that the Daily Mail, a publication that hails from the United Kingdom, has a scoop on her.  For Alina showed up at a ice skating event expensively dressed and beautifully embroidered dress and well tailored coat, supposedly half hiding a wedding band, and WITH TWO BOYS, whose identities and ages are unknown.

Now a while back, I heard a rumor that a Russian woman, said to be Putin's mistress, had given birth in Switzerland.  (A great country for Mistresses by the way.)  There was no mention of the name of this woman, and it might not have been Alina, but let's just say that if the woman was Alina, then the child would probably not be one of these two boys, that child would be too young.  One of the boys does to me look like Vladimir, but then maybe he just looks Russian.

In 2013  Putin and his long time first wife did divorce, simply.  He has refused to speak of his private life, and perhaps that is for the best.  We do get so caught up here in the United States on the private lives of our public officials.  The questions is always whether of not what happens in their private life has or will reflect on their performance in office, and if someone has a messy private life it usually does not reflect well on them.    However, even a World Leader such as Prime Minister Putin does need a private life, to love and be loved.  It could be said that such a man needs a woman to give him a wonderful life outside of his work.  - Missy


She is rarely seen in public but when she is, the former gymnast is accompanied by a large security detail which is believed to be government-organized.  

Claims of a relationship between Putin and Kabaeva fist began in 2008 when it was reported by a Moscow newspaper run by media tycoon and former KGB spy Alexander Lebedev.

There were rumours that Kabaeva was pregnant last May when she attended a girls' gymnastics competition in Moscow wearing a loose-fitting red dress which appeared to be hiding a baby bump.

Russian media said she looked slightly 'overweight' and 'older' in the dress which was in stark contrast to her usual, figure-hugging ensembles.

In October the same year, a slim-line Kabaeva was spotted wearing a ring on her right hand for the first time. 

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