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DAILY MAIL ; Alina Kabaeva makes public appearance with two boys and wedding ring

In February 2011, I elected ALINA KABAEVA as (Probable) MISTRESS OF THE MONTH, as Mistress of Vladimir Putin, who as you know, rules Russia as Prime Minister.  The rumor had been swirling around the world that the ex Olympic athlete had his favor, and if you use the search feature embedded in this blog, you can bring up primary posts on the beautiful Alina.

Though I will also post the link above as an update on the first blog post I made on Alina, last night I was riveted to find that the Daily Mail, a publication that hails from the United Kingdom, has a scoop on her.  For Alina showed up at a ice skating event expensively dressed and beautifully embroidered dress and well tailored coat, supposedly half hiding a wedding band, and WITH TWO BOYS, whose identities and ages are unknown.

Now a while back, I heard a rumor that a Russian woman, said to be Putin's mistress, had given birth in Switzerland.  (A great country for Mistresses by the way.)  There was no mention of the name of this woman, and it might not have been Alina, but let's just say that if the woman was Alina, then the child would probably not be one of these two boys, that child would be too young.  One of the boys does to me look like Vladimir, but then maybe he just looks Russian.

In 2013  Putin and his long time first wife did divorce, simply.  He has refused to speak of his private life, and perhaps that is for the best.  We do get so caught up here in the United States on the private lives of our public officials.  The questions is always whether of not what happens in their private life has or will reflect on their performance in office, and if someone has a messy private life it usually does not reflect well on them.    However, even a World Leader such as Prime Minister Putin does need a private life, to love and be loved.  It could be said that such a man needs a woman to give him a wonderful life outside of his work.  - Missy


She is rarely seen in public but when she is, the former gymnast is accompanied by a large security detail which is believed to be government-organized.  

Claims of a relationship between Putin and Kabaeva fist began in 2008 when it was reported by a Moscow newspaper run by media tycoon and former KGB spy Alexander Lebedev.

There were rumours that Kabaeva was pregnant last May when she attended a girls' gymnastics competition in Moscow wearing a loose-fitting red dress which appeared to be hiding a baby bump.

Russian media said she looked slightly 'overweight' and 'older' in the dress which was in stark contrast to her usual, figure-hugging ensembles.

In October the same year, a slim-line Kabaeva was spotted wearing a ring on her right hand for the first time. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016



My 19 year old daughter Kaitlin has taken up with a 42 year old wolf.  I'm 45 and sick over it.  She made it through high school a virgin and is legal now, I realize.  She's a good girl whose going to community college part time and working at the mall part time, at (a famous underwear store), and this man likes to sit out on the bench and watch the women shopping in the store, buying bras and teddies.  Kaitlin went out and sat on the bench to eat her bag lunch.  He asked her out.  This wolf drove up outside our house in a Corvette, honked his horn, and Kaitlin ran down the driveway before I could insist on meeting him.  Her best friend Jenny came over to talk to me and said she's worried too.  Do I still have any parental rights?


Dear Shannon, 

In 2016?  Shannon you will always, and I mean always, be Kaitlin's mom, but while you no longer have parental rights,  I've never heard of a legal time limit on parental responsibilities.   (You have been a responsible parent by talking to Kaitlin about reproduction and contraception, right?)

You've been a good mom who has watched over your chick like a hawk to get her through high school a virgin (a miracle!) and now Mr. Wolf won't even meet you and discover that his latest conquest has a mom about his age.  Meanwhile, you've got to trust that all that upbringing you did has made a lasting impression on Kaitlin and that she'll follow through and cherish your values, which have become hers, even though a typical 19 year old is very experimental.  If you hadn't said that her best girl friend talked to you about it, I might not be at all worried.  After all, she could have gone away to college and all you'd know is what she'd tell you.  But Jenny is worried enough to have violated best friend privilege.  To me that's a good reason for a mom to start worrying. I feel that his sitting out on a bench in front of the store to watch women predatory.  He could even be a stalker.

Well, what's a mom and best girl friend gonna do?  Throw a party - maybe a Sunday afternoon pot luck? - for the girls and make it soon, with almost any excuse that you can come up with, other than Mother's Day or a birthday which would require presents.  It should be a casual, fun, get together, whosever left in town that isn't away at college, dig deep into grade school peers, neighbors, altar boys.  Get the food on the table, then leave for three and a half hours.  Maybe Jenny's mom and you can go get coffee or to a film and watch your watches.  If you and Jenny and her mom do a great job of inviting young people, it will remind them that their social set is young.  Tell her, "You can invite Mr. Wolf if you like."  Then don't pester her about him.  Don't ask if he's coming or not. If he shows up, and I suspect he won't, that is also telling. The main thing is that you don't want her to sneak around to see him and you also would like her to have other people to date.

By the way, if you said she was 21, I'd say just leave it alone.  But while 18 is legal adulthood, 21 is all grown up.  It is really hard I hear to just let children go and get their own life, but this is my best idea for a last effort to keep a smart and hard working young woman who works at an underwear store pure a while longer!


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Often, soon after someone asks you what your name is, they ask "What do you DO?  They usually mean for work, how you make your living in this world.  We are all so involved in what it is we do, that being unemployed even for a short while can be an embarrassment and we are always living for our resumes, where that streak of unemployment can be used against us.

But I, and many other people in today's world, are not at all embarrassed or ashamed of taking time off from employment, and perhaps LOVING WHAT WE DO has benefits, particularly when it comes to our mental, psychological, and physical health, beyond money.

Doing what you love and making money at it is the ideal. 

I suggest that you be prepared to answer the question of "What do you DO?" by giving an answer that covers both what you do for money and what you do for love if the two are not yet the same.  Your answer is a one sentence PR moment!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


THE BALLARINA COURTESANS?  The Paris Ballet was called a Brothel.

(1824-1892 approx.)
An 18th century photo identified
as Celestine Emarot from

To become a ballerina in the 19th century, a young woman often also had to be a Mistress of a well-to-do man.  An average dancer made between 3,000 and 6,000 francs a year, while having to afford her own toe shoes, clothes, and much else on a very low income.  Many as teenagers become prostitutes, but with the hope that they would through the long and hard physical work of becoming a dancer, rise up to the top. Being Kept, having a Patron, being one man's Mistress was a better option.

Ballerinas often started in the corps, where the girls, about ten to fourteen years old, were called "Petit Rats," not just because they had to work like rats to develop their dancing skill and be competitive to advance, but because they often ate like rats!  Half starving and too thin and sickly much of the time, putting in extremely long days, the corps required endurance while in survival mode. Celestine Emerot, our Mistress of the Month here at Mistress Manifesto BlogSpot, was one of those girls.

Born illegitimate and impoverished in 1824 as Marguerite-Adelaide Emerot, her own mother hoped she would save them both from destitution and encouraged men to interest her and patronize her. When she was fifteen years old, and he twenty-four, Baron Charles de Chassiron, a French Diplomat who hung out at The Jockey Club (apparently the hang out of a number of men who had mistresses), began their affair.  But maybe they didn't have sex right away.  He got her pregnant.  She gave birth to a daughter, Jeanne-Emma, on September 23, 1842, which was supposed to be nine months from their first sexual encounter.  He abandoned them. 

The Baron's genes were better than Celestine's, and their daughter, Emma, said to look just like him, though no beauty, turned out to be a natural dancer, with the flexibility and grace perfect for ballet that her ballerina mother never had.

Celestine danced in minor parts for fourteen years and at best got mixed reviews.  You could say she was a lousy dancer but had little choice. She had to find another ballet patron of her own, to protect herself from having to prostitute, and to protect her daughter more than herself.  Celestine then became the mistress of a man of less wealth than the Baron, Ferdinand de Montguyon,  also a member of the Jockey Club.

She became a controlling mother, while Montguyon, a ballet fanatic, took fatherly interest in Emma's education.  As he financed a fine education for the young girl at a convent, called Institute des Demoiselles Cathonnet  (Catholic School for Girls), it was expected that she would escape the ballet.  But she became a dancer anyway, one that outshone Celestine's ability by far. And Montguyon turned out to be quite the PR man. He managed to get Napoleon III and his wife interested in Emma, who renamed herself Emma Livry, and used his influence so that she was taken on by the Paris Ballet, skipping the corps, as a Principal Dancer!

Celestine Emarot's daughter Emma Livry from WikiCommons
Emma Livry distanced herself from her mother's reputation with a name change.
BALLARINA by Deirdre Kelly
"Sex, Scandal and Suffering Behind the Symbol Of Perfection"
is a primary source for information
on this Month's Mistress of the Month, Celestine Emerot,
her Ballarina daughter, Emma Livry,
and the lifestyle of French Ballarinas.
A retired famous ballet dancer, and Italian named La Taglioni, came to see Emma dance and instead of seeing her as a rival, saw her as the Next Great.  In 1858, Emma danced "La Sylphide," a dance La Taglioni was known for, and the reviews were fabulous.  Emma Livry was known to be of the Romantic tradition.
Taglioni in a Ballet called "Gypsy Girl"
Image from WikiCommons
Now La Taglioni decided that she would invent and choreograph a ballet just for Emma, called "La Papillion"  (The Butterfly) which would emphasize her Romantic aspect, her breathtaking grace.  The ballet premiered on November 26, 1860 and was a success. She continued to dance this signature ballet. 
But on November 15, 1862 the worst possible thing that could happen to a dancer on stage did, during a dress rehearsal for "La Muette de Portic."  While Celestine and Montguyon watched from a private box, Emma fluffed her skirts which fanned the flame of a gaslight, also called a limelight, the light stages were illuminated by before there was electricity, and a known hazard, and she caught on fire.  In her terror she ran, screamed, panicked and pushing away a backstage fireman and others who tried to come to her rescue.  Finally, she was tackled and rolled in a wet blanket.  (This is how we have come to say to someone who is hushing out our enthusiasm "Don't be a wet blanket!)  Alive but burned over 40 % of her body, with only a fringe of clothing still covering her, her corset bones deep in her burnt flesh, it was the beginning of the end.  Celestine fainted at the sight of her precious daughter.
For 131 days Emma lay on her stomach, with her hands stretched to her sides to avoid her rib cage, as doctors and nuns oversaw her agonizing treatment, afraid to cry out in pain which would make it worse.  Celestine even paid the city of Paris to cover the noisy street outside her daughter's bedchamber with straw, trying to kill the sound.  Montguyon, PR man as always, claimed she was healing and would return to dancing.
Emma wanted to live.  Her main concern being her mother, Celestine, what would happen to her if she died.  Finally, having been given the courtesy of the use of a country house by Napoleon III, in the spring of 1863 she made her first appearance, dressed all in white, and waved to those assembled along the road to see her.  But blood poisoning prevailed and she never made it.  Emma died having convulsions at Celestine's rented apartment  in Neuilly -Sur-Sienne on the way.  Her funeral was at in Notre Dame-de-Lorette and she was buried all in white - called a virgin's funeral - in the Montmarte Cemetery with a corps of ballet girls in attendance.
The "now what" began for Celestine.  She pawned her jewelry to pay 27,000 francs for her daughter's medical bills.  Montguyon asked Napoleon III for help and she was granted 40,000 francs plus another 6,000 of an annual pension.  Celestine Emerot was all right until 1871 when the Second Empire fell and the Third Republic began.  She lost the pension. Her relationship with Montguyon wasn't the same after Emma died, and when she died 30 years later at the age of 68 of cancer, she was in a small apartment and alone in life.
Many feel that when Emma died it was the end of Paris as the World Capital of Ballet, the end of a 200 year rule, with French dancers going to Russia.
As this fascinating book by Deirdre Kelly suggests, suffering, sex, and scandal are still part of the world of the ballerina.  Here's her site! Deirdre Kelly
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If you're interested in dancer mistresses you might want to go into my archives and read about ISADORA DUNCAN, MISTRESS OF THE MONTH FOR February 2016.

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Ballet jeune public
Chorégraphie: Robert North
Hommage au peintre pour la réalisation de son album intitulé "jazz". Le ballet tout en couleurs, prend les mêmes formes mouvantes et les même esprit innocent qui caractérisent cette succession de tableaux. A l'unisson de la musique, légère et vive, la chorégraphie déploie une série de seynètes brêves, lutines, colorées et tendres.

Danseurs: Flore LANDRY; Audrey GOUBAULT; Charlotte BERMOND; Laureline ANDREI; Tahar HAMMADI; Salem HAMMADI; David TROISNE; SOFIANE